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Collecting Lucasarts games


You are interested in buying his magazine collections with a discreet delivery service?


Packed and stacked in several unsuspicious looking brown paperbags, yes!


Sorry, but they have to be black plastic bags.


Made of studded black leather? Isn´t that the exact opposite of unsuspicious?


:thinking: That would explain a lot…


well, well, well…


Scored this off Facebook Marketplace for $25. Think it was a good deal?


Pull my other leg…
It’s got bells on it!


Blasphemy! It’s not the original C64 version! (So, can I have it?)


It’s also not a complete set as it contains only the 3.5 floppy and not the 5.25. You probably wouldn’t want it.


It’s not even a first or second edition. It’s the one with the Edison’s family portret on the back. (Yes, I can tell from the front, which is disgraced by an ugly sticker moreover). So for $25, you were pretty much ripped off, @Matt. I’ll give you $19.99 for it, so you can limit your loss (financially, at least- the bad taste of having payed too much for something worthless will never go away) and because you should never pay more than…


It doesn’t say the word lust on the back. I should just throw it in the trash.


And set it on fire, just to be sure.


He should be throwing it away if the name Edison appears anywhere on the package.


The back just says “Battle the Maniacs and secure luxurious glory”


WTH is this here thing?



That is Fate Of Atlantis - The Action Game. I still should have my box lying around somewhere. It is in an isometerical perspective, focuses on boxing and shooting and is just…odd. I never got really any far with it.

C64 Version


And someone has written something in black marker pen across the back too: “Winnie & Dilbert” ?




I don’t get the reference. Pictures, memes,… anyone?