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Collecting Lucasarts games


No! To stop the climate change you have to recycle it. I now how to do that, just send me the whole package.

Yes and no. The prices for the action games are rising because they were sold much lesser than the adventure games. (And because some sellers would like to make money…)


I recently could get both Indy 3&4 action games, boxed and complete for €90 but since I played neither, I passed.


I never made it out of the cave in Indy 3. And the fact that it is grown up Indy in the cave is stupid enough (though I never minded grown up Indy on the train in the intro of the adventure game).


I was attempting engrish


In that case: Conglaturations! A winner is you!


seems like a good deal

for the Deutchlanders 35eur-cheap!


25!!! Oh my god what a steal! I’m sailing across the jealous sea!


I got lucky because it was a local sale and the guy didn’t know what he had. Still, I would gladly trade my MM for MI1 + 2.


I have monkey island 2 spare complete if you were interested in taking a look? I’m looking for a mm


Still, it’s not the C64 version (which I want).
I have MI1 + 2 in the meantime.



Are the Mac and Amiga versions generally worth less? I see them offered at lower prices than PC for some reason.


The Mac versions, yes. Though not MM 1st edition for apple II
Amiga isn’t worth less, there seems to be a nicer community behind (who still test the disks on the system and charge less) and/or people just bid/pay less for those since they don’t know.
My copy of MI2 included a CD-ROM with scummVM, which was a nice gesture, I think.
Personally, I read the review for MI2 for the amiga in a magazine back then, so I prefer the amiga version for that game.(never owned an amiga though). Same reason I’m only interested in C64 MM - unless I can get another platform for $25. After all, it’s just about collecting the boxes.


You have to pay more for the “original” versions than for the conversions. So the EGA version of MI is the most expensive version (mostly). An exception are very rare conversions like the CDTV version of Indy 3. There were only a few CDs made so the prices for these edition is (very) high.


For those interested in the signatures of … never mind, I’ll bid myself :slight_smile:


Two CDs? Clearly no talkies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, I’ve never seen that particular collection in stores. Depending a little on the price I would’ve been all over that after I played MI3 borrowed from the library.


Perhaps… perhaps not (I should check my own discs and add all up)
Even then, if you want to get all the old games in their original version at once it is a nice collection. But if you already have them on GOG or so, it’s just about the signatures.
I’m on a limb about it. I seem to have misplaced my original discs of Day of the tentacle and Sam & Max Hit the Road :sob: , so that would be a cheap way to get them back (though not quite).
And for once, since shipping is from the Netherlands, it might not sell for ridiculous amounts.

If you’re interested in MI4:


GOG download says:

  • Fate of Atlantis: 240
  • Loom: 270
  • DotT: 2.1GB… um yeah, but that doesn’t count obviously
  • Sam & Max: 250

But I would be inclined to think that all of those ~250 are a form of modern compression down from an original ~500-600.

It’s not just that. GOG has an annoying tendency not to always give you all of the original data so you might not be able to run it on a real computer or in DOSBox or PCem instead of ScummVM (for example).

The vast majority of the time I don’t want to of course, but imo they shouldn’t unnecessarily remove the option.

Heck yeah, the beepers aren’t selling it on GOG and just like MI3 I never owned it. I’ll keep an eye on it in a couple of weeks. The current price is decent but I have no interest in those €50 prices I’m used to seeing. :wink:


It’s a buy now. So get it now if you want. No bidding involved.
Beware that MI4 is a bit of a mixed emotions thing. It’s MI, so you want to like it, but it gets so many things wrong.


That’s the remastered thing!