Cuphead: platform game in the style of old Fleischer cartoons

@ everyone: Thanks for the suggestions. I think that I might go for a wireless XBox One controller but it’s a bit too bulky for my taste. I’m searching for smaller wireless controllers to see what I find.

I used wireless Playstation Dualshock 2 controllers, XBox 360 controllers and XBox One controllers. And some assorted PC USB gamepads which are not worth mentioning.

The Playstation controllers are the smallest, but they lack analog triggers. Not that you’d miss them if you just play platformers. They are good for racing games though, allowing you to dose your gas/brake. But for that you’d be better off with a steering wheel and pedals. Dualshock 3 apparently has analog triggers, and so does 4. If you find the XBox One controllers too large, these might be more your thing.

The 360 lies well in the hand, and is a tried and true design. It got refined with the XBox One, and the controllers got a wee bit smaller as well. If you have to choose between these two, go with the XBox One controller.

Thanks. Dualshock 4 sounds good. It has Bluetooth and I can use it with my Windows laptop and with Steam.

Me too! Exactly the same! It had an autofire slider if I remember well… and suction naps on the bottom so it wouldn’t slide off the table when moving that cross-hair around in a frantic attempt to escape another Caponian.

I do remember that one (or something similar) too. It handled much tighter than the big “phallic” flight stick quickshot pro II
[edit]: seeing that picture of the competition pro, I realize it was the latter.

Playing Maniac Mansion today with a modern usb mouse it´s remarkable how easy it is to escape Edna in the kitchen. Back then however with that joystick it was really hard and I rarely succeeded.

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Hit space. Move the snail to the walk to verb. Hit space, quickly click the verb and hit space again. Move the snail to the left. Hit space and quickly click.
That’s why it was called an action adventure game, my friend!

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Oh, the ole pause-unpause trick I would use on countless games. I never would have been able to start the biplane in Indy 3 without that one!

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What I don’t like about PS controllers is the position of analogue stick and D-pad because in most (modern) games the analogue stick is the main control. But on the other hand I can also use the D-pad on XBox controllers for longer period of time so it shouldn’t really be an issue.

DualShock 4 has a track pad!

Btw. it seems like there also exist XBox One controllers with Bluetooth: Connect and Troubleshoot Bluetooth on Xbox Wireless Controller (but it’s Windows 10 only!)

Here’s a comparison: DualShock 4 vs. Xbox One Controller, DualShock 4 is definitely lighter.

Now I want to know what your keyboard looks like… :thinking:



This supposed to me very hard game… if its true, and i wont have fun for at least an 1 hour… i am not gonna buy it.

Another example been helldivers, that has super hard gameplay…which kills the fun.

Why do you think it’s an hard game?

It says it’s a “classic run and gun action game”. Classic doesn’t necessarily mean hard, but I definitely won’t associate easy with it.
From the video It looks like fast-paced gameplay, but you won’t die in one hit.

Other than that, without reviews or playing it myself, I cannot really judge if it’s hard or if the gameplay is good.

Yes, I assume that it will be hard as any other platform game (I have played them a bit on the Amiga) but does anybody think for some reason that Cuphead will be harder than the usual?

Harder than Ruff ‘n’ Tumble?



The art style is beautiful, but the gameplay looks generic, which reduces the gorgeous visuals to a mere gimmick. They could have done so much more for this game, but instead, it seems to play like any other shooting-platformer out there, where your weapons make so little damage that you have to spend several minutes doing the exact same combination of moves just to kill an enemy.

I was really looking forward to this game when I first saw it announced several years ago, but now that I see a video of the gameplay, I am not as interested.


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Just looking at that animation above it seems to me like this might be a boss fight where several enemies have a shared life bar, so this might not be representative for the whole game.

You mean the green “progress bar”? I would guess that this is the amount of the ammo …

Yes, that thing on the left side of it looks like a bullet. Might be a concidence that it going down correlates almost exactly with the enemies disappearing.

If this is in fact not a boss fight but a regular screen I agree that it sucks, good run and gun games don´t take their challenge by the amount the enemies take but by you having to have the dexterity to dodge the projectiles. In Contra/Probotector the enemies all take one shot to go down, but so do you! So you better be careful about everything that shoots at you from all directions.

I love OTs, and I’ll gladly join this one!!

This is my beloved joystick!

And, by the way: the fallic appearance has never bothered me (I hardly noticed it).
What I’ve always found very fallic is the name joy-stick!