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David Fox in Poland in May, 2019!


This trip will be very limited… Flying into Warsaw on a Thursday, then out again the following Monday. But I am planning on spending about a day in London on that Monday on my way home. Do you know I’ve never actually met @robert.megone, @boosegoose, or Concha in person? Planning on changing that! And we did talk about the possibility of an expanded meetup that Monday evening somewhere in the London vicinity.

There’s at least one other EU trip I’m hoping to make this summer, to a country that starts with G. I’ll announce more when it’s official. If it happens, it would be a longer trip with Annie.


I hope @PiecesOfKate can join you! :slightly_smiling_face:


It actually starts with F, although Ginland does sound good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If not for the Brexit, that could still be multiple options.
So I’m guessing… Greenland!




You guys are doing that intentionally are you?

Well I´ll just be quietly excited then! :grin:


Are you planning to visit Gibraltar?



I don´t have to go anywhere because I already live in...



It definitely sounds better than Geutschland, so who knows where they will be going to!




:thinking: Guadeloupe is also kinda part of France