Diablo - released on GOG after 22 years

Wow, I cannot believe it! A Blizzard game on GOG? It even comes with multiplayer though it requires Battle.net: Diablo

Now I hope my wishes for StarCraft 1 and 2 will be fullfilled too…


Maybe may savegames are still compatible?

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Let’s hope they’re compatible… or not?

I finished it with the wizard in the meantime, btw (my original, not the GOG re-release, obviously).
Time to start Diablo 2 before they also release that.

From what they said on Ars Technica it sounds like they thought it was too much of a bother to do anything with Diablo other than put it on GOG.

“In order to have any [software] on the Blizzard launcher, it must be connected to the modern Battle.net stack,” Blizzard Global PR Manager Sara Zaidi said to Ars in an email interview. “Unfortunately, this means that some of our older titles, like Diablo 1, do not have that modern infrastructure that enables them to be on the Blizzard launcher. We didn’t think it was right that players couldn’t get access to these titles because they lack the necessary back-end framework, so we were very happy to work together with GOG to help make Diablo 1 available to our players on their platform.”

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Interesting article.

It says there is a vanilla version and an enhanced one.
The vanilla version is mostly unmodified and works with Battle.net. It should be definitely savegame compatible, maybe the other even both.

I remember, you have now played it with rogue and wizard. What about warrior or was this the very first playthrough?

I played Diablo 2 with an assassin back in the day.

Good memory: I have indeed completed it with rogue (f) and mage (m) now. Not too interested in hacking my way through as a warrior (m/f)

I might play a few levels with each combination to hear the voices in action, but the story or ending doesn’t really change a lot with the selected class or sex of your character I guess.

I also completely ignored that kid with a limp leg on my last playthrough.

“Stay awhile and listen!”

Even Mobygames is advertising for Diablo:

@Frenzie, @Sushi:
Have you played Diablo 2 or Diablo 3 in single player and is it any good?

Not yet, but it seems to be very good.

I’ll try it tonight. Or tomorrow

I thought Diablo 2 was quite good in single player, but that was in 2001. I have no idea if the controls are still digestible in 2019. I’d much rather play Dungeon Siege or something than any Diablo.

Diablo I is pretty clunky with a dime a dozen story, which I think has aged rather poorly compared to the much more interesting Entomorph: Plague of the Darkfall.

“compete free over the Internet”
That was hard to read :slight_smile:

Hm, I’ve never really seen the cover before. I think I like the ones from 1 and 3 more because of their more diabolic look. This one looks just like a skeleton warrior.

I’ve replayed Warcraft 1, so…

Oh, I’ve seen this one on GOG before, it has very unusual graphics!
I bought it some time ago because of its strange graphics and settings and interesting reviews. Haven’t played it yet though.

Dune 2 is slightly frustrating. Warcraft is basically modern iirc, unless I’m confused with WC2. :slight_smile:

C&C is still excellent in any case.

The Diablo 2 I borrowed from a friend came on one of those 2-CD cases (with a big cardboard box around it). That DVD cover is an obvious rerelease. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, it says “ Complete Bree over the internet” !
Not sure about the B :wink:, but I am about the “complete”

The expansion adds extra characters, a new act… anyone has a recommendation whether I should install that right away too?

Mine has even 4 CDs! (3 for the base game and 1 for the expansion)
I picked up the DVD box in a sale 8 years ago or so - one of the last games I bought in a physical form. My Steam library contained only Monkey Island and I never heard of GOG then.

I have THIS cardboard box however:

There’s lots of goodies inside, even a free paper D&D game.


Hm, I must be misremembering something. I know my friend had the base game and the expansion. (Like I said I played the assassin, which was only added in the expansion.) I guess it must’ve been one of the 4 CD ones then, but I don’t seem to recall it that way.

Maybe he just gave it to me to borrow in 2 of those cases that take 2 CDs or something. /shrug

The game runs without any hassle and feels a lot more like Diablo 1 than I expected.
I do like the added run capability!

I remember I quit playing Diablo 2, because monsters kept respawning, even bosses (not sure if all of them). It was annoying and killed the flow for me. Did they change that in later patches or maybe I had some weird settings?

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I’d say it’s rather doubtful that they implemented such a big change after 2002, but perhaps they changed it in Diablo 3. Enemies staying dead after save & quit is a major contributing factor to me saying Dungeon Siege is better.

Incidentally, friends, neutrals and enemies alike also stay dead in Entomorph if you mercilessly slaughter them.