Does Gary Winnick still work at Terrible Toybox?

After the announcement of “Return to Monkey Island” I have noticed that nobody has mentioned Gary Winnick.

I have noticed that he doesn’t appear anymore in the list of governing persons of Terrible Toybox (Source).

According to this page on Opencorporates, the event has occurred between 2020-12-24 and 2021-04-29.

Does somebody know if he still works for Terrible Toybox?


AFAIK Gary left Terrible Toybox respectively he was working on other things after TWP was finished. But I don’t know the current state.

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Thanks for the information!

What do you mean by “resp”?


Then this seems a good opportunity for me to learn some more English. :neutral_face: What does “respectively” mean in this specific sentence?

If you say something like “I went to Brussels and Antwerp, respectively” it means you first went to Brussels and then to Antwerp.

As for what @Someone said, I have no idea what’s intended there. :wink:

I’m not sure if I use that correctly. :joy:

My dictionary (and Google) says it’s the translation for the German “beziehungsweise”. I don’t know how to translate that into proper English with other words. Here in this specific case it could be replaced with “or to be more precise”.

“Or more precisely”


No no no.
If you and I went to Brussels and Antwerp, respectively, that means you went to Brussels and I went to Antwerp.
While if you and I went to B and A (period), that means we travelled together to both places.

I think the correct fancy word in this case had to be “i.e.” or “c.q.” or something along those lines

Phew! Done!


Just using ‘because’ reads better but I’m not sure if that’s what was meant. Respectively is usually used when comparing multiple things, most often in regards to ordering.

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As someone who speaks German too (I’m talking about myself, not you :-) I did understand you perfectly fine. Not sure if it’s correct English though but it sounded right.
(Generally you can always use “or” instead of “beziehungsweise”, depending on the context there may be better translations.)

Gary Winnick seems to have a new Twitter account:


Thanks, now I’ve understood what you wanted to say. In this case, “beziehungsweise” can be translated with “or rather” or, as Frenzie said, with “or more precisely”.

Instead of learning something about English I’ve learned something about German. :grin:


German: beziehungsweise
English: or
That’s the language for people who prefer brief sentences!


I’ve read it in several technical papers (written by native speakers) and there it was the translation/had the meaning of the German “beziehungsweise”.

That’s the problem: You can’t translate “beziehungsweise” every time with “or”. Sometimes “and” or “more precisely” would fit more.

And an old(er) website …

… with the possibility to contact him. :wink:


I was wondering this too. Sad he left. He was a big contributor, and the guy who hired Mark Ferrari.


If I remember correctly, he already said something in one of the TWP podcasts that sounded to me as if an involvement in Ron’s next project was not very likely to him. I don’t remember what he said back then, but he sounded unsure to me. For this reason, I am not fully surprised about this. Gary and Ron had founded TT in order to create TWP, which has been done later on.
But of course it’s a pity that he left TT.
He may have worked together with Ron on TWP just for the old time’s sake, because they had created MM, but when I take a look at Gary’s comic art works, I am sure there would have been a place for him in the RtMI development team as well.
Though, we never get to know the exact reasons for this decision, I guess. :confused:

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“In any case” seems to fit the bill.

Anyway: back to the topic. Did you know that Gary did additional art for the original Secret of Monkey Island? I’ll try to look up more details later.


I had no idea. I wonder if he did the inventory items in the vga version.