E3 2018 Overview

What did you like the most Cyberpunk 2077, Halo Infinite…? Or Gears 5?

Cyberpunk 2077, def(f)o! Trailer looked jaw-droppingly (?) amazing!

And of course Elder Scrolls VI, so the two we know the least about so far…


Apparently there’s something hidden in the trailer too.

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They always discover tons of stuff in these short trailers. Anything worth of mention?

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No idea - it popped up on my Twitter. Techradar I think.


Also when will the guys of Focus Home Interactive reveal more about their Call Of Cthulhu game? Really cannot wait for that one!

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Also Devolver has a few retroish looking titles like The Messenger:

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Saw this before E3! Still waiting for it and BELOW!

Strange enough, I am starting to look forward to that, even though the setting isn’t my thing. Will have to take a peek at the new trailer then.

Likely not out before 20.02.20. Likely not near as good as TES III Morrowind. I think I’ll pass.

That´s odd, but usually people who say that mention the fact that they loved The Witcher 3 and hope it to be as good.

I´m frankly surprised they´re doing a new one at all. With Elder Scrolls Online I expected them to do like Rock Star or even Blizzard and completly put the regular series on hold and only concentrate on the online game from then on (I won´t expect a GTA6 for many years to come and regular Warcraft is pretty much dead, isn´t it?)

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Cyberpunk! I’m still playing Witcher 3 (yeah I’m slow) so I’m in no rush.

I’m also excited about Starfield, and of course Elder Scrolls 6 (after so many years, it’s becoming Monkey Island 3a, almost don’t want to see it out cause it’s going to disappoint me now matter what :slight_smile: )

There’s a hidden message at the end of the trailer:
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Also try SSH to

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Really? I was under the impression that they failed in bringing Elder Scrolls players into The Elder Scrolls online. The player base is fairly big but is mainly composed of people that regularly play MMOs…

I didn’t think there was a need to state that explicitly :smile:.

I guess contrary to some publishers out there, they must still believe that there’s value in single player games :slight_smile: . I appreciate that, at least. And I guess in the end I might be persuaded to give it a try. Still, right now I have more faith in CD Projekt Red than in Bethesda to deliver something to my liking.

What’s the password???

according to reddit it’s NC20 CP77 but I don’t think it’s working anymore, at least it didn’t for me :confused:

Add Ghost of Tsushima to the list of things I´m hyped for! I love Lonewolf and Cub and that´s what this looks like!

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TellTale games is programming a Stranger Things based game!


Looking forward to it!