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Essential Christmas Viewing




Can I just say that I loved that part in 3 Billboards where Dinklage´s character told off McDormand´s character for (figuratively!) looking down on him? Underrated performance!


Watching with my wife Home Alone 1&2, and every year just one part of Die Hard.


It’s broadcasted every year. Too bad they stopped to broadcast The Smurfs and the Magic Flute, which was another seasonal show.

That was one hell of a Christmas viewing! I think I watched it last time before 1986. I know it for sure because I was in my old parents’ home.


Is it the “ho ho ho” part?


Could also be the “Let It Snow” part.


Haha, no. :slight_smile:

I started with Episode 1 four year ago. This year I am going to watch Die Hard 4.