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Finding a book for the ritual

I can’t find a book to perform the ritual. I’m pretty sure I’ll get it eventually from the occult shop, but I guess I need to know the title first, because the store’s owner doesn’t let me touch any of the books.
Any hint on how to find out the title? Do I need to make Franklin to speak with Dolores somehow to let her know what he needs?


It’s simpler than that.

Just explore the shop very well, pay attention and be curious about everything you see. :slight_smile:


Try to read every book title.
Starting from the bottom, going up.
They are just about 3,000 :slight_smile:

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Don’t over-think it, just make sure to explore the occult bookstore in its entirety,

…or you can start from the middle… :slight_smile:

You cut off half of the fun, this way :smiley:

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You know what? I got stuck in the very same way. It took me three days to solve it. Just let us know as soon as you manage.

Ahah, I found it in less than three minutes instead, because I wanted to look for my entries and those of user’s blog :slight_smile:
So I climbed up up up…

Who doesn´t want to climb up a big-ass ladder when he sees one?

…sometimes just Ransome loves it… :->

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Same here. I got stuck there too.

I got the book before I even knew I needed it (backwards puzzle)… damn you, curiosity! Damn you, development blog!

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There is actually a “puzzle” to reach the big ass-ladder (you have to move the bottom one) which may be a reason not everyone finding the book on their first visit.

Maybe I´m OCD but the first thing I did was connect the bottom part with the top part, because it bothered me that they didn´t when I came in.

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You are right. My co-worker is stuck there :smiley:
He’s playing TWP in casual mode.

Btw. did you know that browser notifications don’t honour the spoiler tags?

…er, you don’t need that book or any other book from there in casual mode.
Now that I’m thinking about it… do you need anything from there at all?

I know, but he told me: "I can’t go up there, I’m sure there is a way to pick up some interesting books, and that are located higher, for sure!"
Then I noticed the ladder in…its startin position… and told him:

– “heh heh heh… easier than you can imagine… heh heh heh…”

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Yes(but the e-mails do I think)! Well back when I still had them on, it just got too much after a while.

What is a browser notification?

When you switch on Desktop notifications(and your browser allows this), the first part or most of the post of someone replying to you or a topic you subscribed to will show for a a short while in the lower corner of your screen as soon as someone posted something, as long as your browser is on.

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