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I am stuck in part 6 (hard mode)

…and I love it!
I perfectly know in my mind how I will solve a few puzzle chains that are clearly set up and get into that factory, but for now I am just wandering around until I stumble onto that one puzzle I seem to have missed…
I’ll also might need to go back and talk to everyone again… with every playable character. Or pick up everything that isn’t bolted down. Or perhaps I’ll revisit the sewers?

So… What are you stuck on…?

on a few things… but I am not sure I want a hint (surely not a solution!!)

I know I have to enter a contest, but my main candidate says he needs something else first. Okay, it’s a book. And there are like 5000 books in the library and the bookstore. And probably, that one isn’t there. I did pick up another book before in the occult book store, while I wasn’t yet looking for it though, which was a bit of a reverse puzzle… or just Voodoo? Anyway, I couldn’t find it in the trailer either.

I also know I need to set some time-clocks, but in the close-up I am a bit confused as to what button I can push or if I need to insert a tube in the right top corner (looks like a slot to me)

please be as vague as possible…

Hoping this is vague enough: Yes.

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Ok, thanks to your vague hint, I figured it out!
Now onto to that other chain… Reading ALL books :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Assuming that the book is not already owned by one of the characters that you manage, it means that you simply missed it. Search again.

You are on the right track. If you are missing some sort of book, you just have to think hard when was the last time you saw it, and in light of that, where could it be… Where would the character keep that book?


By the way, I found this guide which provides hints without spoilers. I think it may be useful to some.
Non-spoilery Hint Guide

Actually, they are incremental hints, which go from very vague to actual spoilers. So be warn: you may want to stop clicking “I need more” when you have enough information to solve the puzzle.


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The book you need is close to where your character keeps most of his personal stuff. Don´t expect to solve this puzzle right away, though.

You are also right that you need to set some time clocks. Setting time is of importance here.
Think of Chrisopher Walkens Scene in Pulp Fiction.

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The book is very important to the character, he probably put it in a safe place.

He scanned it using Xerox copy machines and uploaded it to the cloud? :slight_smile:


(German only)


I finally found the book! I can’t believe I spent 2 hours looking for it… I totally forgot about that flashback until I just started pulling everything that wasn’t bolted down :disappointed_relieved:

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For me that was the hardest puzzle too… :ransome:

You’re not the only one. I spent a ridiculous amount of time figuring that one out as well… :wink:

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