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Free game of the day


Oh, but I am… but for the sake of argument, I chose to ignore that.

Plus emigrating to another country, in casu Australia, at the age of 6, 8 or 10 has caused picking up an accent that I wouldn’t associate with Scottish.

Any further questions? :smile:




Edit: @TaarakVakil is the outfit in this cover version at all Indian in nature?

(It’s amazing how many music vids there are…)


Yes the guys is wearing a pagadi


Free Steam key for Spacecom:


That looks like a destructive form Mini Metro, which was enjoyable. I’ll check it out!

Edit: @#@# site claims there’s a problem with my email/password. I bet it’s one of those @#@# sites that pretends to take a 32-character password and then cuts it off before database insertion.

Edit 2: the game’s a bit UHD-unfriendly, not scaling the UI at 3840x2160 nor offering a fullscreen 1920x1080 option. I guess I’ll check it out on my laptop some other time.

Edit 3: never mind, restarting it made it work at fullscreen 1920x1080. A pity 'cause it looked a lot sharper at UHD and even just any random person might want UI scaling.


It is saying it is not available as free due to technical issues.


I’m not tech support or affiliated in any other way with any of the sites I link to… but perhaps you should just retry later/different browser/the usual stuff?

Edit: nevermind. I checked the bundle myself and the free game us simply removed now. I guess it might have been a limited number of free keys.
You know, a “free” game is never really free. Someone pays someone else for it- be it in return for advertising another game or something else. Or because you might also see another game you like on their site and buy it.f


That is how I ended up spending a bunch money on keycaps btw.

AliExpress was all like “here, have $5 to spend for free!”

So I did and then I saw keycaps. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s probably the most succesful ad ever executed on me…


On Shadow warrior 2
Free for the next 30 hours to celebrate 10 years of gog.
Warning: it is not a point and click game.
(There is a multiplayer online mode though in case we’d like to get together for a TWP ninjas demon slaughterfest)


I’ve voted for this! (but of course I already had Firewatch)


I didn’t (and didn’t). I would’ve much preferred Superhot over Shadow Warrior too. :slight_smile:


Voted for Firewatch, even though I own it already. Really not into shooters.

Had I known, I’d certainly had voted differently (like in politics, there wasn’t really a right choice, just lesser evils :wink:). Not that my single vote would have made a difference …

How can you resist screenshots like this?


“Shadow Warrior 2 is a first-person action game that has you shooting and slicing your way through a number of different types of enemies. But unlike many games of that type, it has a comedic tone that relies heavily on puerile humor. If you like jokes about genitals, this may be the one to get your vote. “

So they basically went with the most expensive game.


Its predecessor, Duke Nukem (3D), relies on puerile humor. Shadow Warrior takes it to meh. Trying too hard to replicate or surpass, or something.

As an aside, I now have Shadow Warrior Classic/Classic Redux, Shadow Warrior 2013 on Steam as well as GOG, and Shadow Warrior 2 to boot. I think I paid a grand total of €2.69 for it all (SW 2013 on sale or something).


I didn’t know it was a sequel to Duke Nukem 3D. In that case, I might give it a try once!

I thought I had the game on Steam too, but it turned out to be Shadowrun.

Shadow of the Beast
Shadow of the Tombraider


I wouldn’t call it a sequel. It’s simply the next game using the Build engine. It’s technically more impressive and arguably has superior level design. I say arguably because imo it is superior mainly in the “look at this cool new stuff we can do” factor and less as far as good game level design goes.

The full D3D experience was overall much better to me, from that epic soundtrack to just… everything.

Redux has improved on the SW music though.

Incidentally, I also own Tekwar on CD-ROM, another Build engine game. I never did finish that.


oh I see… well, SW2 has nothing to do with that, as it doesn’t use the Build engine :neutral_face:


But Ion Maiden does! :smiley: