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ok, I think those commenters (and especially the guy on the left) might be the target puerile audience.


I admit that when I quickly skimmed the video I caught a dick joke about a weapon somewhere. The odd “do you want Wang to wang your wang”, ahem, “jokes” in Shadow Warrior might indeed be that guy’s cup of tea.


I gave up watching the video after 2 minutes of “No you don’t F****”
And then parents are worried about their kids getting aggressive playing FPS games?


Haha, I skipped to a random part of the timeline and the first thing I heard was “murder tampon” :woman_facepalming:


I must’ve skipped over that part.

Here’s a list of Shadow Warrior catch phrases.

I think that with the 20 years in between hearing it and retelling it I mismembered this one:

“Do you want to wash wang? Or do you want to watch Wang wash wang?”


baton, the word is baton
But yeah, the guy can’t pronounce it and goes into complaining that the character you play is a woman and he’d like some more serious S*** bullets.
@frenzie just watch 2:25 till 2:50 for the highlights.


O_o I thought it was just bad commentary, but I would’ve looked for a different video if I’d seen that part. >_>

Not to mention the Ion MaidON.


Full Throttle Remastered practically for free (both DRM-free and Steam key for PC, Mac & Linux)


I decided to get it for a little over €5 for Yooka-Laylee. I don’t know yet what to do with that Full Throttle Steam key.


Oh, that’s interesting! I would like to have a copy of Full Throttle remastered, which is also DRM free. And with a little more the site says I can get also Rime, which is a new title I would like to play. But I never used Humble Bundle before, I don’t know how it works. Could you please help me, what do I have to do?


It has a library just like any other place. In this case I think you might theoretically be able to opt to pay them something like 1 cent.

(You need to pay at least $1 for the Steam key.)

I seem to have two Steam keys for Full Throttle already… but I paid decent money for it on GOG when it first came out. >_>


Also make sure you set the way your x$ is split over developer, charity (pick one you like!) and humble bundle tip. That way, you can really decide to fully support the dev or go “beep them, they’ve got money enough, let’s help charity”.
And because humble bundle mostly provides both drm-free and steam key (which you can still donate as a prize here if you organise a quiz)… that website is my favourite place to buy games online.

[Community Game] Work in progress

Yes you do. Then you only get the DRM-free.
Well, that and the image of Ebenzer Scrooge staring back at you in the mirror. :laughing:


And how am I supposed to get the DRM-free version of Full Throttle via Steam?

EDIT Ok, got it. The DRM free version of Full Throttle is in the Humble library, while the non DRM free is on Steam.

Woah. I can’t believe that. For 5,40 euros I got:

  • Full Throttle remastered, both DRM free and on Steam,
  • Burly men at sea, both DRM free and on Steam,
  • Hotline Miami 2, both DRM free and on Steam,
  • Rime on Steam
  • Yooka-Laylee on Steam

But… it feels like I’ve cheated or something… Is this sustainable for developers? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Simple answer: No.


Then why do they agree to give their contents through these low priced offers?
Are they forced by Steam or something?
I’ve found Thimbleweed Park too in Humble Bundle, and it costs a little less than 9 dollars.


If the game doesn’t sell good anymore such a bundle is a way to generate at least some (additional) money. The price is low, but a lot of people are buying the bundle, so it’s worth a try (depending on the game).

And it’s a marketing instrument: The name of that game is again in the press.

No. AFAIK they ask/invite the developers, but they don’t have to participate.


For a game like Full Throttle they’ve already made their money from people like me who paid a “lot” more (€12 on release), so by this point they’re receiving money from people who would’ve probably never paid more than €5 for it anyway.

Who knows, the same might be true for Yooka-Laylee? But there I am the person who’d never pay more than €10 for it.

I’d say it’s basically more of a word of mouth ad campaign. You can invest 20k in publicity, or you can swallow a 20k loss in sales.

It’s not like Humble Bundle is particularly unique (anymore) anyway. I bought Tomb Raider 2013 directly on Steam for €12 several years ago. But the kicker is, I got each and every preceding Tomb Raider game included in the price, including some top-down game.

Yeah, but in that sense it’s just a Steam key store like any other. :slight_smile:


Guys, I’m willing to donate the Steam keys for

  • Burly men at sea,
  • Hotline Miami 2,
  • Yooka-Laylee.

I played the first one getting the DRM free version, while I don’t think I will ever have the time to play the two others.

So if anybody wants to create a game of any sort…
I’ll provide the three prices!
:1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal: :3rd_place_medal:

Note that Burly men at sea is developed with the collaboration of Robert Megone, Ron Gilbert and Jenn Sandercock!!!

[Community Game] Work in progress

See, I did NOT know that!

Well, I was steadily working on one. Not sure if I can finish it shortly though…