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Fun pics from "Turn your computer off and go to sleep!" page


Very interesting. 5 minutes of crazy internet searching later:

  1. I can’t find this page.
  2. I learned this title comes from the end of The Secret of Monkey Island, after the credits - which I never knew.


I have a hunch the title might be in italian…

I´ve been asking for months what this topic refers to. @ZakPhoenixMcKracken never explained it.


Yes, that was it (thanks, Google translate):


Yes, it’s that page


Eheh you should play Monkey Island until its very end!



Watching the photo a little more…
there’s also @nfalstein Noah Falstein, the guy with moustache and long hair before Ron.

According to Italian Gesture Language™ (left hand and eyes), he’s telling Tim:
“Well, no, but look at you!”



Help this man to realize his dream!

(I actually don’t know where to like, since I can’t go back to the source of the post)


I´d like to know the last name first. You gotta know what combination the kid has to life with.


Threepwood of course! (And if not, he can change that.)


As did the trailer to “the book of life”. Plus : Manny/Manolo, that can’t be a coincidence. *

  • actually, it probably is, they’re just all based on an actual Mexican feast. See also the opening in the latest James Bond (Spectre)


You mean this guy?



I don’t know how famous “Fantozzi” is abroad, so I am not aware how this pic can be understood by non italians.


Plus…you know…the fact that not everyone here speaks italian.


You do. That should be enough.


The first result that appeared for me in Google was an Italian restaurant in London.

On a side note, I always find it funny when they give a restaurant a name like Bella Italia. If only we had decent cuisine in the UK, then we could have our own international chain named Rainy Britain! :smirk:


Is there an italian restaurant in London called “Fantozzi” ? :joy::joy:


Apparently so!


Fantozzi is a fictional character of a lucky movie series: he is a humble and shy accountant.
In this clip, his director told to every employee that they MUST watch a (boring) movie, “Battleship Potemkin”. Too bad on that night, there was the final soccer match Italy - England!!

After having watched that movie, the director asks to the audience if there are some remarks, impressions, and so on.
No one wants to answer.
Except for Fantozzi, who with an incredible bravery, he will say what all would have wanted to say…

(you can activate the automatic subtitles, and automatic translation)