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Fun pics from "Turn your computer off and go to sleep!" page



*: Just the sound of that joke going over my head


I guess you need to have been there…


Sorry pal, I’ve seen the first movies (the best ones) from which the scene is taken and some others Villaggio (the actor and writer) made years later, I’ve also read at school some passages from his original books (on which the screenplay is based)… But I still don’t get the joke… I feel so dumb now… :frowning:

The Potiomkin Battleship by Eisenstein was an avantgard and experimental movie when it came out, very important but not easy to be understood by people in the seventies which were used to a completely different type of cinematography, more direct. But Monkey Island in comparison is a movie by Spielberg, it talks to people of their time openly and directly.


However, Potiompkin is a movie so influential even Spielberg was influenced by it and probably used some techniques pionieered by Eisenstein in his own movies.


Of course it was, but as you said Spielberg took only some techniques, like some framing types or sequences. But the movie is really difficult to be watched with attention by the vast majority of people. I like Eisenstein, Alexander Nevskij is one of my favourites movies of the period… but apart me and you and a few others, who will enjoy them without a cultural ground that allows to understand them?

And this is exactly the ground of the original joke by Villaggio (Fantozzi): a group of employees of a mega-company tortured by a chief who pretend them enjoying arthouse cinema instead of a match of the national football selection. In the end debate nobody talks, Fantozzi collects his courage, goes on stage and exclaims: “Battleship Kotiomkin is a crazy crap!” And everybody claps.

OMG Is the joke saying that Monkey Island has become so old that younger generations find difficult to approach it and enjoy it?
Is that really the meaning?
If yes, then sometimes is better to feel dumb than sad :stuck_out_tongue:


First and foremost it´s a soviet propaganda film. It´s not very long so I´ve seen it whole and that whole submarine stuff is pretty forgettable actually. You´re here because of the staircase scene and that is still impressive even almost a century later.

And I hope that isn´t the joke, because it would underestimate the game´s timless qualities.


Above there’s the link to the original podcast title (“Monkey Island is a crazy crap”), which was intentionally provocative, and aimed to ask questions about the game trying to look at it outside of the weighty myth status it has acquired through time. The podcast aired in 2016 by the Italian community “OldGamesItalia”.

So there’s no (bad) joke, it’s just a provocative ad for a podcast.

I feel relieved now :stuck_out_tongue:


I usually keep the politics out of this forum, but this image is an exception.
Maybe you have heard that, on March the 4th, we have the elections. Even if he couldn’t be elected, Mr. Berlusconi is making his electoral campaign, making any sort of promises.
Like this one:
free parties and free grog!(*)

(*) promises may not to be real


You know if things have gotten worse enough in your beutiful country when you have politcians who use racist motivated murders to score points in the election and they even have serious chances at suceeding with that, feel free to contribute some sanity any time!


Meanwhile, our government is trying to work out some deals for when our Island leaves the EU.
They’re not getting very far.




And it’s probably because, at the top of their agenda is spegni il computer e vai a dormire!


Oh, having a government…I almost forgot what that feels like!




Yeah, may May deal good within May.


Oh yeah!


If you are playing Monkey Island on iPhone, be careful to which insults do you use!


Wouldn´t that joke work better with a Samsung?


Any Android-based phone is immune to that Indian character.


I´m not really getting it then…

And I´m trying to guess what games the fire sprites come from.