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Recently a bug was found where sending that Indian character to someone in a text message would crash their iPhone.


Yes, sorry for having not explained, I believed it was a world-wide mass news, since that bug affected a large amount of devices.

Here is an article explaning everything:


I think it would be useful to include a Context link under a meme. It would provide a quick reference for anyone not familiar with the piece of media / news, and then you wouldn’t need to explain it each time :slight_smile:


Ah okay, I thought that was a reference to the Samsung Galaxy models that had batteries that overheated so much that some of them caught on fire.


@ZakPhoenixMcKracken Did you spot this? :ransome:


Eheh yeah I did. Thanks anyway


Which movie did you like most?

  • The Shape Of Water
  • Three Billboards Outside
  • Get Out
  • I, Tonya
  • Call Me By Your Name
  • Coco

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A reference to one of our most beloved games, from a Mickey Mouse story, featuring Donald Duck and Fethry Duck.

“That is MONKEY ISLAND, a beautiful tropical island!”


I remember having read, many years ago, a Mickey Mouse story where the plot seemed taken from Monkey Island 2.
With hindsight, I can state it was deliberately written with Monkey Island 2 in mind.

The plot: Scrooge McDuck and Rockerduck found an ancient map for a buried treasure. But the map isn’t enough. Only the parrot owned by the dead explorer knows the precise treasure location.
The parrot releases information only when feeded.
At the end, they find the treasure: a trunk with only a ticket inside!
…and on top of that, the dead explorer was named Gil Robbert !!

I should have that Mickey Mouse issue somewhere, I promise to search and if I found it, I will make scans of the story to publish here.


And can you verify the exact of that story. Being an Uncle Scrooge comic it could be very old. Unless its a Dona Rosa story.


The I.N.D.U.C.K. web site says 1999, March. Issue #2260. I’ll search tomorrow. I think I can find it.
Written by Bruno Sarda
Art by Alessandro Gottardo


Seems that it was a comic only for the Italian market…? Or how are the chances that the story was translated?


For sure, it was translated in Greek and Polish:

By the way, if I’ll find it, I can edit the balloons, translating in English for you :blush:


Polish :grin:
or Greece and Poland.

Yay, thanks :blush:


Not in Italy :stuck_out_tongue: we produce tons and tons of Disney comics daily.


Walt Disney comics began to produce original stories in Italy in the sixties, with italian authors. Still today, Italy is the largest producer if Disney comics stories, which are translated and exported, especially in South America. Scrooge never ceased to be a major character. He takes Donald and the three nephews in adventures all around the world, just as like the american “ducktales” did on TV many years after.

EDIT: it seems that this particular story was translated in german too, according to Zak’s link


Writing together. The same thing. As usual…


I’ve found it! It’s a quite long story.
Here is a picture where Uncle Scrooge and Rockerduck find the sheet of paper, signed by… Gil Robbert :grin:

I will scan the whole story, and translate in English, in the following days.


I haven’t read Disney comics for a long time, but in Germany we had our own writers. But I can remember that the publisher translated a lot of/some stories from Italy. And Scrooge was very famous in Germany too, so there might be an official translation of the Monkey Island story. :slight_smile:

@ZakPhoenixMcKracken When was the story published?