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Fun pics from "Turn your computer off and go to sleep!" page


I distinctly remember the Lustige Taschenbuch book having prices in currency for several countries on their covers. Among them were all german speaking countries + italy.


That was only because you could buy these German books in Italy. :slight_smile: Like the “Bild Zeitung” (newspaper) they were available especially in the regions with German tourists. :slight_smile:


It happened also the other way around. As a kid I noticed that some of the stories I was reading had a “D-####” number at the beginning while most of them had “I-####”. They were usually stories with Donald Duck and Fethry Duck, the author and artist were not specified, and the drawing style was very different from what I was used to.

It didn’t happen that often, but still…


March 23rd, 1999. Issue #2260


That was what I assumed, yes. And it seems to me now, there might be more to it than just pandering to a certain group of tourists.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was a cold day in december…wait, what?


Damn, that’s to be expected…


So, do you regret the ending now?! Do you regret everything abruptly fading to black??
I didn’t like the ending. :grin: En garde!!


I have no idea why the forum suggests particular old messages to me but it’s doing a surprisingly decent job.

@ZakPhoenixMcKracken has a slightly warped sense of age because of this:


I … ehm… Phoenix Wright became attorney at age 23.
Way too old, huh…


Italian political puzzle is going to a conclusion. There’s a candidate for the Prime minister (and you know: when there’s only one candidate, there’s only one choice): Giuseppe Conte
By the way, it seems that some of his curriculum entries were a bit exaggerated.
Let’s take a look into it…

  • he knows the secret of Monkey Island
  • he finished Zak McKracken without any walkthroughs
  • he defeated the Sword Master by answering “I’m the rubber, you are glue”. Twice.
  • he can hold his breath for 15 minutes.


if GDPR were invented back then…


So now… Zak, you could be the next candidate for the Prime minister too!


Rest of the world vs me :sob:


I read this article the other day, about Italy’s failure to qualify. It was interesting to see the different meanings that have been attributed to that event.

Are Italian politicians / the news still talking about those things now, or is there just normal coverage of the matches?


Definitely this one. Thank goodness!


Excerpt from that article:
“Many tragedies have befallen Italy in the last 60 years. […] The French started adding cream to carbonara.”

This is even worse than topping pizza with pineapple!!!

Well, regarding the world cup: you know, the matches were usually broadcasted by RAI TV (the national channel), but this time all the rights are of Mediaset (Berlusconi’s TVs).
So… there are always a mediatic storm, we watch some interesting match, but nothing more.
There’s no much felling in rooting for someone else team.



Just replying to you too to stop Discourse from telling me I already replied 3 times to Zak on this topic and I should involve other people too.

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I really would like to know if the developers of Discourse are using their own software - and if they do, why they are not annoyed of these annoying things …


Yeah, Discourse as a system is not unreasonable, probably the best non-paged there is, but all those messages are pretty aggravating. And I don’t think I’d miss those badges either. >_>


Says the guy who worked so hard to get this badge :laughing: