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German dubbing thread


is this “Project” still alive? :smiley: i would love to voice Reyes :smile:


If we find enough other German speaking people then I would start such a project. So the answer to your question is: maybe. :wink:


Also everyone would have to go to an ominous northern german town.

Probably “Bielefeld”…


well i’m on a discord server with many German Fandubbers ^^ so finding some people is not that hard :smiley:

Okay that would be difficult for me :smiley: i do all my recording stuff at home


I was only kidding. If you got decent home equipment you´re good to go.


i would say i have a decent equip :smiley: i’m using a RODE NT-USB
anyways as is said i would love to do the voice for reyes
maybe i can help with searching some voice’s :slight_smile:


Yes, if you like. :slight_smile:


i would love to help! :slight_smile:
idk maybe someone can make a list of the needed characters
and whether the character needs a high, medium or deep voice
then i can post the list in the discord server i talked about


Good idea. @ZakPhoenixMcKracken: Do you have such a list (or at least a list with all characters) for the Italian dubbing project?


if you’re seriously interested in doing a dub (like the italian), send me an email via and I can get you information. Like the Italian fan dub, I’d be willing to including in future updates.


Thanks @RonGilbert!

At least I am seriously interested in doing (and coordinate) a dub.

The problem at the moment is that we haven’t enough people for a dub (who are able and willing to speak - and not only read - that much text in a reasonable time). With @Diino we have just four(?) “actors” if I’m getting it right. So it doesn’t make much sense at the moment to start something. :slight_smile: But if we manage to get enough people together expect an e-mail. :slight_smile:


I don’t know if you counted me in, but I’m in :stuck_out_tongue:

My experience is quite the opposite. We were three when we started. If I, @Gffp and @ZakPhoenixMcKracken didn’t start anyway by making that Ransome Lookalike Contest video, @Ema wouldn’t have jumped in and we’d still be in the “it would be nice to do it” phase.

Just start, make some preliminary work, and people will join :wink:


Yes. :slight_smile: But I haven’t counted the (non-German) people who opted for a smaller role.

Yes, I would like to produce a (short) video (meant as a demo). Maybe I get managed to do that during the production of another fan-podcast … :wink:


I agree.
Open a public channel and invite people. You’ll find people interested in dubbing.
The tree of us have asked brothers, wives, close friends, friends of the friends… and finally found all the actors we needed.
The main 5 characters have about 2500 lines each, so choose your actors wisely.
Another important role is the actor who has to play the Sheriff / Coroner / Hotel manager.


Exactly - and that scares me a little bit: A lot of people say “I’ll do it”, but when they actually have to speak so much text they’ll lose interest. And you can’t just read those lines, you have to speak them. So I can’t just place my mom in front of the microphone. :wink:

(btw: you haven’t recorded all voices already - if I remember correctly…?)


Yes, for the main 5 characters we have choosen among our close people, in order to be sure they don’t abandon the project.
Reyes, Ransome and Franklin are the three of us (me, Guga, Ema).
Delores and Ray are close women we know.


Since @RonGilbert gave his “placet” to your project, we can support you. He’ll give you some official material, but we can be of help as well. We were waiting his reply before writing in this thread…

Anyway… I’ll give you some suggestions.

  1. as others said, start and publish. People will follow.
  2. we thought it was of primary importance to advertise on the internet in order to get actors. Sadly, the people who we summoned through the net was also the less reliable. The most reliable persons are your friends, or the friends of friends, especially if you record with them
  3. It is very important to have a “core team” of 2-3 people. this core team should have good informatic knowledge, some acting experience, and possibly a good recording gear
  4. techincal aspects: do a lot of trial and error. Having a good equipment is important, but not as vital as knowing how to take advantage of what you have. I mean: if you take a 400EUR mic and record in your kitchen, you’ll obtain a worse result than if you use your cell phone in the right way (details will follow, if needed)
  5. acting skills: you’ll be amazed of the skills of some amateurs. But they are rare. I hope you can find a very good amateur actor (maybe one of you) who is fond enough with the project to take charge of the direction of the others. If well directed, a disastrous performance can become acceptable, and an acceptable performance can significantly improve.
  6. casting: this is the most difficult part… I think I’ll make a dedicated post about casting in the Italian thread… it could be interesting


Yes, but the vast majority of the lines are done, and the work is in progress. After a slowdown in june-July, there has been an acceleration in july-august, mostly because people is on vacation and has more spare time


Thanks! I appreciate that, but I would like to produce a demo video first. :slight_smile:

Yes, please. :slight_smile:


Besides, keep in mind that’s a fan project, and all of us, including the Terrible Toybox team, knows it, and accepts it.
We can’t be perfect like professionals, because of lack of money, experience and technical tools, but we must do our best.
The results will be good.