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German dubbing thread


Yes, but if I start a project, I would like to bring it (eventually) to an end. :wink:


Yes, but don’t think about it at the moment. Unpredictable events are behind the corner, always.
We had set a timeline months ago, but for some reasons it has been changed.
Our lives have the precedence, of course.
Even if we are late, we have in mind that the project will be finished – and it will. Sooner or later.


Why? Does it even need to be the same actor? They look a bit the same, but that’s just it. :wink:

But seriously, why? Because he has a lot of lines too?


Because the voice is peculiar, in our opinion it should be native speaking (italian / german) but with american accent, because he has typical american slang / moves.
It’s not easy.


Zak answered, but in my opinion there’s another thing.

He’s the first comedic character you meet in the game. The Pigeons are a bit crazy, but that’s it, and they’re pretty standard.

Then the Sheriff appears. He’s crazy, he talks in a strange way, and then - BAM! - there’s another one. The Trinity is what really sets the tone for the rest of the game.

And that is going to be the first thing your audience is going to notice. If you fail the Sheriff, people are going to say “meh, this whole dubbing is awful” and stop playing. If the Sheriff popped up later, that wouldn’t have been much of a problem. But so early in the game, it’s of vital importance to nail it.


My Girlfriend would also like to lend a character her voice :slight_smile: so you could count her in too ^-^

I think a demo would be a great idea :slight_smile:


Which roles are still to be filled? I have a normal, somewhat deeper, rather calm radiating male voice and speak High German. And I have a Rode NT-1a microphone. I would be interested.


Everything is still open.


Need any Dutch accents? ( :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: ) ² = :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:





Hello, I’m from Berlin, but I speak Hochdeutsch most of the times. I would be interested to voice anyone, however I’ve never done it and my audio equipment are my microphone headphones from my iphone. :wink: I’d be glad, if I could help or be part of the Deutsche Dubbing.
I really would like a German dubbing for this fantastic game and I would do my best.

Oh! I also speak English, Japanese and can pronounce Korean if this helps.

And, what if Boris would speak with an American or British English accent?


He could speak with italian accent, so that @Guga, who is fluent in german, could help.

Mhm… generally speaking, smartphones are far better than cheap PC mics or headsets. Anyway, I have an iPhone, and I realized the quality is quite lower compared to other (cheaper) phones. Actually, I’ve never tried with my headphones… I think you should make some tests to determine what sounds better. Anyway, with a condensator microphone starting from 30-40 euros (and up, if you want) you should achieve more consistent results.


Will watch him closely and submit corrections. For as long as he´ll finally get it right. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’re such a revengeful person, shame on you! :smile:


Change his line to “I really could go for some <insert name of a pasta dish> here!”
Although it has already been officially translated of course. Is it also Wiener Schnitzel in the German translation?



Yeah there wasn´t really any need to change that, because it´s not really a stereotype.


No need to change the meaning. You simply could say “cotoletta alla milanese”, which basically is a wiener schnitzel (Milano used to be part of the Austrian-Ungarian empire).
Anyway, we started with the idea of sticking to the official translation, but sometimes some little variations are simply necessary.

Well, yes and no… If the authors wanted a stereotype they would have indicated a bratwurst, and the most obvious localization (if Boris were italian) would have been to transform it into a pasta or pizza dish.
Anyway, as you point out, a schnitzel isn’t so stereotypical, but actually it is typical.
So I’d go with a “cotoletta alla milanese”. Typical, but not stereotypical.
I mean, it’s quite unlikely that an italian guy in the mood for breaded meat, refers to it as a “schnitzel” instead of a “cotoletta”.
Of course, Boris isn’t an italian name, but it can be an artistic license, no need to change his name, which would be much more invasive towards the original.
If you prefer, you can give him a Swiss accent, but then you should change the dish into a rösti mit spiegelei, or whatever.
Your last possibility is to give Boris a strong german regional accent, but I don’t like so much this option.


I don’t agree with that, because the problems are the subtitles: If you activate the subtitles and the voices, the spoken text isn’t consistent with the subtitles. This is confusing and annoying at the same time.

In this particular case the developers have decided that Boris wants a Schnitzel. So you have to chose that in the German dub too. (And it could be funny if an Italian voice demand a Schnitzel … :wink: )