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German dubbing thread


Just fold it.


Everyone has the same feeling when hearing own recorded voice. Sadly it’s not the fault of the recording.


I don’t consider my voice to suitable for this and largely ignored the thread, but if I can help with general project support and tooling I am happy to get this going and drive it forward.
If those here that are happy to also be part of a ‘core-team’ send me a direct message we can discuss the tools we need to get started (wiki, chat system, etc. ) and I can just set them up.
Would also appreciate any input from the Italian dub project about their work-flow and organisation.


Sorry for stepping in late, but because I was mentioned in several posts I would like to answer. :slight_smile:

True. :wink:

I would do it without payments. :wink: But I haven’t much spare time at the moment.


But you might have if you got paid, right? :money_mouth_face:


Indeed! :smiley:


Of course…
if we were paid, it would be a job, not a fan project.
If we were paid, the priority changes since there’s a contract to fulfil.
If we were paid, we won’t be free to do what we like.
If we were paid, we could pay a professional recording studio to achieve the best audio quality.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t take the project seriously.
Instead of the recording studio, we found a cheaper mean of recording, with a satisfactory audio quality.
We keep track of our progresses, so we continuously have an idea of what we did, what is missing, what is to improve, and so on.
Without the stress of a strict deadline.


To get paid doesn’t imply all of this. For example what about donations?


But with the stress of having ME as the deadline keeper!


Privately sends his paypal address to @Someone


I am half way of translating the full game to Czech Language right now… 15 000 lines is a lot :slight_smile: but to create a dub as well? uf, I did it for previous games, but do I still have the energy to do that? :slight_smile: :smile:


There is only one way to find out!