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Yes, I would agree with that. Especially if you work with computers you have to deal with American English only (or mostly).


Yep, definitely. Over here too. I’m forever correcting Americanisations at work. With that particular example it really adds to the confusion too, because the verb and noun are the other way round.


I’m sure she said “on Sundays”.



Because she would speak half german, or?

The official language thread

Are you calling me Frenzie?
Favoring my Dutch friend’s name over mine in our colorful dialog! Now that’s what I’d call taking a poetic license!


there are some words which you can spell with a z (US) or an s (UK) - but I can’t think of one right now… or I would have thrown it in for good measure too


Oh, sorry! :laughing: I was in a rush when I replied to that.


I figured!

So, how is MI2 progressing? Need any hints? :smile:


Not yet :smile: I’m really enjoying it. It’s opened up a lot but there’s lots to investigate, and I have all sorts of funky items in my inventory, tee hee.


well enjoy it… this must be generally accepted as THE best part in THE best game.


You should realise that to criticize is a pointless exercise. :wink:

and yes I spelled one of them with a z


It’s helpful when you get back to the game after some time, e.g. when you can only play on weekends or even more infrequent.

People requested even some kind of flashbacks when resuming a game after some while (“What happened last time in Thimbleweed Park…”). That may be one reason Ron added those ToDo lists (and even this current implementation was a lot of work).

Like ‘hasard azzezzment’? :smiley:

The official language thread

You know, the first time I’ve seen you on this forum, I thought that your name derived from… her!


Yeah, it’s a funny coincidence :smile:

Actually, she was named after me.


But why did you think she was a guy, though? :thinking:


Pissa with friez makes me think of you guyz.


It was after she had written something here, I got confused and thought she was a male.


Pissa with friez makez me zhiver.
Don’t remind me of this monßtroßity! (I’ve nearly successfully suppressed my memory of it :slightly_smiling_face:.)


Don’t worry, I rezizted the urge to pozt a picture of it thiz week when I had both leftover pissa and friez in the fridge for lunch.

Hmmm… I bet the forum would love it if I combined theze two!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I cannot be the only one here who´s been there and done that after one of those nights of too much beer/booze/pot and/or all of those.


I’m not saying the concept isn’t helpful. The diary in TLJ was an excellent example. Dialog scrollback is also cheap but fairly effective. Or you can just do it like RTS/FPS games have done since the late '90s, like in Telltale and Dreamfall Chapters.

I’m saying that the TWP implementation in particular wasn’t helpful because it didn’t actually keep track of anything, except perhaps in the beginning where you had to get some stuff for those tubetron things.