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Hints for LucasArts games


I know American fridges are huge, but that someone could have lunch in them!? What’s next? Drive-In fridges?

We’d expect no less in a P&C adventure game forum.


Hey @seguso we have an excellent suggestion for an easter egg in your adventure game. Can you program “Use fries with pizza” as an option? And if you do that command, you get called a low life.

For the record I thought about it, but did not act upon it. I only ate the plain pizza.


At this point, let’s go all the way and have “use pineapples with pizza”. That could be an alternate way to defeat Dracula.

Or we can have both. I am not stingy wrt the ways to be called a lowlife :slight_smile:

Seguso's Adventure Game Thread

Use garlic with pizza
Give pizza to Dracula


nice idea! I had indeed thought of “search vegetables to defeat dracula”, to make it a bit less obvious, but I had a couple better ways. But who knows, maybe in the sequel!


…so maybe he should apologise.


I thought you were going to say Italian. :wink:


Excuuuuze me!


They kept track of the objectives and marked them complete when done.
What else should they keep track of?


The actual objectives. :stuck_out_tongue:


As soon as I’ve discovered they are used as ToDo lists I didn’t look at them anymore.
Looking at them afterwards seemed they were doing what they are supposed to, but I don’t know if they actually work during a playthrough.


You have to at least activate them or they keep vibrating until you click on them. I’d have been happier without the todo lists in TWP. There was also the hint at a TLJ-like diary in the beginning but it never expanded from there. I suspect it was planned to be more complete but kept at a more prototypical stage in favor of more important gameplay polish. (And rightly so!)

But anyway, they were just the broadest of objectives. Get into the factory. Which is your ultimate objective, sure, but you’re working on other things. Get the XYZ1234 tube. Do this, do that. Except the built-in to-do list wouldn’t remind you of any of that after taking a break for a few weeks. As far as I recall the game just didn’t do that anymore after the first three crimetron machines.

Edit: however, it just occurred to me that perhaps normal mode purposefully keeps the objectives vague while “Can I play, daddy?” might’ve kept more detailed track? In which case I still think regular difficulty would’ve been better without. Pinging @tasse-tee.


Back on topic…

It really is :joy:


Yes! First map piece :smiley:

Edit: nooooo!


So far the TWP to-do’s I’ve seen in Hard Mode are identical to the ones in Casual Mode.

If you’re not used to playing point-and-click adventures, you might get so engrossed in exploring the vast game world that you lose track of what your goals are, because this kind of game doesn’t keep signposting where you should go next and which items are the useful ones.


Just did the famous monkey wrench puzzle :slightly_smiling_face: It took me a little while as while I’m obviously aware of it, I didn’t know what it was used for, or how to ‘form’ it.

I can see why it’s considered one of the most difficult adventure game puzzles, given that a) you don’t know what you need until you acquire it, and b) putting the two things together relies on a pun (as people have said before, even harder in non-English!)

So I formally congratulate those of you who solved that back in the day :trophy:


No excuse if you played it after 1997, though.


Haha, that did help me remember actually.


I had no problem with it when I didn’t know the expression, back when I first played MI2. It would’ve been quite hard for me in one of the older games without an illustrated inventory, but it was quite obviously a monkey in the shape of a wrench. I thought it was cute, without realizing its “deeper” meaning.

When I played the remastered game with my wife a few years back she immediately understood it because she’s a native English speaker. Like, she had to wait at least a few seconds for me to follow the same reasoning. (That time I went through the words rather than the images.)

tl;dr Based on my sample of n=2 it’s simple enough.


Do you maybe not use the monkey part even in english that often?

Do you rather say “Ey, pass me the wrench…you know…that big one!” ?

Wouldn´t surprise me since I think there may be similar expressions in german too, that just aren´t used that commonly everday for everyone.