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Hints for LucasArts games


Yeah, I wouldn’t say it’s everyday. I think most people would say spanner instead.


But how did you know you needed it in the first place?

You know you need something to turn the pump, but how many people would look at the monkey and go, oh right, I need to turn that into a monkey wrench?


I even thought the Foo Fighters were just big fans for naming a 1997 song after an object in Zak! So, yeah: great song and fan of the band ever since.


And the word doesn´t even appear in the game. It just says “Use Jojo with pump” so if you don´t know the word you are none the wiser either.


Americans wouldn’t. Spanner is British.

If I recall correctly there’s a monkey that freezes on some occasions, so you pick it up and produce the right conditions to make it freeze because unless it’s a red herring that’s just a thing you do. Like a hundred rooms before it has an actual use. :wink:

(This isn’t a Sierra game where you’ll die doing that.)




I know, I was answering Milan’s comment about British people.

Huh?! I had to put the banana on the metronome to mesmerise him into a wrench shape. There was nothing about freezing.

Is it different in the SE or something?


I meant freezing into position.

It’s some random puzzle that I haven’t seen in a decade.

Your avatar was difficult though. I had no idea what a pulley was and I first played the version with only a text inventory.


This bit really reminds me of TWP :slightly_smiling_face:


I can see why



Haha! :grinning:


They should have a “switch off annoying references to future games” tick box. :thinking:


or switch off annoying reference to future hostile take-overs tick box


:thinking: :see_no_evil:


Not getting it.


That means I was vague enough as to not spoil anything. Not even if you played MI2 multiple times.


I’m staying :see_no_evil: just in case. I might bookmark it for after though, just to see if I’m as confused as Milan :laughing:


or smarter :wink:


Doubtful, when it comes to stuff like this! :sweat_smile:


He did completly make stuff in the past, though. I mean technically, being so vague to not even be true anymore is super secure, but is that still an actual spoiler? :thinking: