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Hints for LucasArts games


Yeah, it really is a spoiler, not making stuff up. But it is quite secure in the sense that it is hard to guess if you did not play MI2 before unless your mind is as twisted as Ron’s or even if you did but weren’t paying enough attention to details (myself included - my aha-erlebnis came a few years later while reading an article on MI2)


So it´s not really a gamplay spoiler but of a story thing? I´m really confused.


Sigh. Okay :mega: help please!

I’m stuck on the drinking game with the Rum dude. I can empty the mug and I can use the coloured drinks from the Bloody Lip in it, but none of these things help.

Question 1: Is emptying the mug the first step?
Question 2: Do I need to acquire (or create) some other kind of liquid to put in the mug?

Please answer yes/no (or ‘rephrase/be more specific’ etc). No extra info please! :slightly_smiling_face:


1 Yes, into the plant!
2 Yes!


Does that spoiler say ‘into the plant’? I didn’t want to click it just in case!

Edit: ooh yeah it looks the same shape of blur :laughing:




I haven’t been stuck on this bit the whole time by the way - I got my other map piece back :smile:

Right. So I think I know I need to get some other liquid from the barman at the Bloody Lip, aye? Other than red, yellow or blue?


Aye. Just talk to the guy a bit more.


Hm. I keep trying that but I can only seem to order the three drinks or say I’m not thirsty.


Didn´t he offer you something before you could proof that you were old enough to drink?


Possibly, I don’t remember :thinking: do I need to somehow pretend I’m underage again?


No, I really have to scan an imaginary puzzle tree chart now, because I´m not sure what you have and haven´t done yet!


perhaps you need to blur your questions there too…

I can’t offer too much help. I know this puzzle has me stumped every time I replay MI2 too.


Haha :smile:

Okay so here’s what I’ve done with the bartender so far (snort):

  • Used my library card to show I’m 21

  • Order three drinks (red, blue, yellow)

  • Mix blue and green to get the spit drink

  • Give my empty glass back in exchange for more of those drinks


:thinking: not sure…
but then again, that might be the reason I get stuck each time


Okay listen those are for another puzzle!

Did you talk to Captain Kate, yet? She has something crucial!

The thing is you probably did all this now and forgot some earlier info by now that is important at this part, though!


I know, I’ve done it!

Er, I got Captain Kate arrested :laughing:


That´s good actually! Now get her and her stuff out again!



But she’s soooo annoying…

Okay no more hints for nowsies.


Never mind, you need something she has. Remember where you got your stuff when you were in prison.