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Ahaaaaa! :champagne:


The reason I´m outright telling you is that @RonGilbert has admitted that was a flaw of the game.

He kept saying during the development of Thimbleweed Park that you never should only get an important piece of information once. But should always able to get it again later when you need it. And there it wasn´t the case.

After you done all the spitting contest stuff and get all the alcohol you want, you have forgotten that you can ask Captain Kate for her near grog, as the barkeep won´t tell you that anymore.

So it looks like you put her into prison without knowing why and are surprised now by the content of her envelope. Yes, you definitly needed help there and it is not your fault!


good, I started to feel stoopid for forgetting how to solve that puzzle every time. Even if I knew more or less how it went.


Yeah, no surprise you also struggled with it. Ron used that as a negative example (I´m sure he mentioned it in the podcasts a couple of times) of a situation where you got stuck because you can´t get the same info anymore. And he said he made sure that never happens in TwP.


Right, okay. Yeah I definitely wouldn’t have remembered that!

I accidentally read about that when researching my blog post, and since she was so annoying I did it straight away :smirk:

Yes, it feels more justified than usual so I’m happy with that. Thank you for doing so or it would’ve taken a lot longer! Though it helps I inadvertently locked her up, heh.


Okay missy, no more blog post before you´re done with the game! :older_woman:




I´m not an elderly lady either! And commanding a M’am would sound weird.


Huh? Stop confusing me :sob:


I was about to say that same thing to you! :weary:

I think I got confused when I wasn´t sure if


(Yes,) M’am!


(You are supposed to call me) M’am!


Haha. I meant is as a ‘yes, M’am, I respect you and will do as you say.’ And your elderly lady emoji made me assume you were being an elderly lady :stuck_out_tongue:


Correct, because I was supposedly speaking as such. :grin:


Quite interestingly, I put her into prison without knowing why, but, conversely, I think this is the reason why I didn’t have any problems with the near grog puzzle.

I’ll explain why (spoiler safe for Kate):

I had this flyer which, quite strangely had her face on it. I saw my face on the Wanted poster and thought… what if I exchange my face with hers? When I saw it worked, I asked myself: ok, now how can you take advantage of getting someone into prison? You can steal their stuff!! So I did it. When I looked inside the envelope I was like “Oh, yeah, now I remember the bartender telling me something about this stuff, I totally forgot that”.

So it was pretty much straightforward… I think the most challenging part was altering the poster, but getting the envelope was the natural next step, to me. Not to mention that a new object that suddenly appears immediately after solving a puzzle is very attractive…
one of the first rules of adventure games is “pick up whatever”…
BTW, @PiecesOfKate, don’t be upset with Captain Kate just because she rejected you. A “no”, means “no” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks for blurring! I’m bookmarking all these spoiler posts to read afterwards, heheh.

I know I haven’t read your full explanation yet, but on my experience it would help if just a few lines were added into the barman’s later three-drink dialogue. For example:
Guybrush: Actually none of those tickle my fancy.
Barman: What are you saying?! My poison’s better than that slop Captain Kate carries about.’

Or you know, maybe something a bit more subtle I guess. As Milan says you’ve forgotten what he says about Kate all that time later.

But she has the same name! We were meant for each other :sob:


You know all these things already, I´m not quite sure why he said he was blurring them for you?

Ohhhh, so that´s how that works?

Heeeeyyy, my guy! :wink:


Oh. Just in case, I guess. Aw, I was looking forward to looking at it, a bit like opening a present at Christmas.

You two are going to be so happy together! :sneezing_face:


Sorry, @PiecesOfKate, I wasn’t clear. The blur was for anyone else. With “safe for Kate” I meant the blurred content was safe for you, so you can click safely. Maybe I should have written it in some other form?


No problem. here’s another blur for you, to save for Christmas.

My dear @PiecesOfKate, Lot of hugs and kisses and Merry Christmas!! :gift:Don’t click until december 25th, 2018.
The Secret of Monkey Island is nothing special.


Oh I see! No the way you said it is fine, I just read it wrong.

Yay! Bookmarked for 25 December :innocent:


Don’t peek! :grinning: And behave…