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Hints for LucasArts games


You are cruel. I really hope she peeks.*

*And I´m also glad I didn´t put an “a” there again where it really doesn´t belong! :fearful:


This is me! I’m not going to peek :stuck_out_tongue:

That word trips me up too – I did a double-take when I read Ema’s, and then again when I read yours :laughing:


You are going to be disappointed. Which I guess ironically enough would be a bit like not peaking…




I’m afraid I couldn’t get all this peek/peak pun… :sweat_smile:


But you looked it up, right? :wink:


Probably best for your sanity.


Yeah, because as you can see it´s clearly already too late for us! :crazy_face:






Did you originally write ‘wobble’? :wink:


You couldn´t have seen that, I checked and you weren´t there! :flushed:

But it is kinda what it sounds like when he says it, right?


When my phone creates the notification it stores the original text :wink:

That’s also the case for posts that are subsequently deleted, which is a bit unfair :smiling_imp:

I just assumed it was autocorrect anyway :slightly_smiling_face:


Noted, nothing goes by you.

Not even the misspelling of completly made up gibberish words.

grumble grumble


I’m glad you did put a “k” there where it belongs! :joy:


Your fantasies are clearly more ammonia based than mine…


Also I don’t want to make you (or anyone else) paranoid about those previews by the way. Most of the time I swipe them and go straight to the forum anyway, especially since it removes spoiler formatting!


I only recently started using the app on the phone to access the forum, and that is the way I always do it!


Thank you.

(Was it @tasse-tee who asked me how I knew how to pick up something or other recently? :P)


Nope, I don’t think that was me, unless I’m forgetting something :stuck_out_tongue: