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Hints for LucasArts games


Hey, where you been hiding lately?


I’m still here! I don’t have much to say right now, but I’m enjoying reading things :slight_smile:


Back in MI2, love the victory bah-bahhh! When the near-grog works :grin:

Yay, three map pieces! :world_map:


Whose :world_map: are you missing now?

It´s my favourite one, isn´t it? You´ll like it too. I´m sure.


I’ve kind of forgotten who they all are - will ‘read’ the book again when I go back on :slightly_smiling_face:


Well I know two for certain, so I´m pretty sure who should be the one that is still missing. That´ll be fun. :slight_smile:


I hope it still goes on for a bit after that - I’d be sad to finish it any time soon!


There are still two or three chapters left. You´ll have at least two more changes of location, so I´d say this is not even two thirds when you have the four parts.


Yay! :woman_cartwheeling: :woman_cartwheeling:


I don’t want to temper your excitement, but I actually do.
The two chapters left are about as long combined as the first chapter. Chapter 2 really is the meat of the game and the part where the non-linearity is the largest.

ok, you can go and remove one :woman_cartwheeling: now :wink:


Nah, the way I know her she´ll spend an inordinate amount of time guessing ALL the colours with Herman.

I know I did. :grin:


Oops, accidentally read that. But even though it means nothing right now it sounds like something I’d do :laughing:


Just talk to Herman as much as you can (which you probably will anyway).


Anything in this game that involves opening doors, windows, drawers or coffins adds extra time because I have to close them again :smirk:


Sound like that you have played Zak McKracken first… :wink:


:thinking: So you got an idea where to look for that final map piece now?



Yeah I did it :slightly_smiling_face: that bit confused me a bit as I was already looking for the ash (on the voodoo lady’s instructions), but Guybrush kept saying ‘I’m not opening a coffin for no reason:thinking: it only let me open it once I had the quote book (I’m still a bit unsure about what that was for).

Anyway! I enjoyed reanimating the weenie hut dude :grin:

Oh no! Wally’s been kidnapped. I’m coming Wally! :woman_cartwheeling:


That quote would have been for you to associate what it says on the coffin with the correct person you are looking for.


Ohhhh! :bulb: I thought they sounded familiar.