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Hints for LucasArts games


So anyway time for a change of location. :european_castle:


Oh right, haven’t got there yet.



Except far less complicated…


I just resorted to using the hint key :weary:


Never thought I´d ever be jealous of a key on a keyboard. :smirk:



It was more that I was confused about my objective, and thought it’d be easier than explaining everything I’d done.

Though now I know I need to go to certain co-ordinates on the map and can’t figure out how :thinking: Captain Kate isn’t playing ball so I’m assuming I need to get there another way.

I fear I don’t pay attention to the dialogue properly in this game because I either a) get too excited that I’ve solved something or b) fart around getting screenshots :smirk:


Don´t you need to get to LeChucks fortress to save Wally now?


Yeah, but I’m not sure how to do that. That’s why I pressed the hint key, which said get a book on shipwrecks, hence the co-ordinates. I assumed his fortress was there. But those hints aren’t always in the best order, so maybe not.


You learned of the kidnapping at the Voodoo Lady`s place, right? That means you walked right past it

It is easy to miss but actually very simple at this point.


Okay, I’ll keep looking. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: found it! I did notice that but thought it was scenery :laughing:


Take that hint key! :v:


Yay, new location! :slight_smile:




Aren´t you glad you didn´t have to write that down yourself?


Yes! I panicked for a moment until I remembered.


Monkey Island 2: 100% dead-end free. This is one important part of that!


Yay, Dinky Island!

:parrot: ‘I want my granddaughter to marry a real man! A captain, not a washout like you!’


(did the app crash on you again?)

(question expired, never mind)


(sorry Moo-moo!)