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Hints for LucasArts games


[Spoiler alert for MI2!]

What the?!


Yes, that’s right! :slight_smile:


Who knew that door led there all that time :smile:


Mild extra spoiler…

you will say “What the ?!” a few times before it’s over…


Super duper mild extra spoiler…

Made ya look! :wink:


Are those SFPoK?


Yup. Super. They`re kinda redundant, really.


Haha :smile:


Finished Monkey Island 2! I thoroughly enjoyed that. If I have the time and energy I’ll write my more detailed thoughts later.

This also really made me smile :grin:


Yay, congrats!:clap: :monkey: :monkey:

Can´t wait for that!

I´ve been thinking the same when I saw @boosegoose’s name appear at the end credits of Midnight Scenes 2. :slight_smile:


Was there an intentional typo in that too?


Haha. Well, no. But I thought it was funny there was a credit at all (I guess she might have helped him with english a bit).


It’s important Milan! It’s not there for amusement!

I mean… yeah dude… I’m cool… cool as a :pineapple:


I didn´t mean funny in ha ha funny but funny in “oh that doesn´t happen all the time!” funny.

It was nice actually she got a credit for giving him english help.


And now that I can read this bookmarked spoiler… Yeah I don’t get it either :smirk:


So did you guess through ALL the colours with the Zen quiz that Herman gave you near the end? :grin:


You know… Disney? E Ticket? Disney land? Disney buying Lucasarts?


Ohhhhhh…that is like thinking back to the game and thinking 21 years into the future at the same time!

I hadn´t even thought of that because a hostile takeover and a million dollar deal aren´t exactly the same thing.


No, there were so many and I didn’t know if it would end!

Oh. Ohhhh. That can’t have been an actual reference to that though? I assumed it was just alluding to the ending of the game.


It does! And suddenly so. I´m beginning to have doubts in your OCD. :thinking:

Of course not. That´s why we could never have guessed what he means.