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Hints for LucasArts games


I think it is getting better. I managed to walk on the wrong side of my colleague at lunchtime and not get antsy. +1.

Right. Yes. Pardon me, do you have any grey poupon?


TBH, I never knew what that was in reference too, because we never had that commercial over here.


Me neither, I just like how bonkers it sounds and it seemed appropriate.


Anyway, if this thread is to go on from now, you probably have to find more “LucasArts” games in particular you haven´t played yet.


I still really want to play Labyrinth, but that’s going to be difficult if not impossible.


That´d be cool, especially if you´re familiar with the movie. I don´t think it is available in any form at the moment, though. @David?


Aye. I’ve been looking for it to no avail :slightly_frowning_face:

Whoah Twitter likes that screenshot…!


It isn’t available, but you can play it on the C64 mini or through an emulator (not scummvm).
I’d advise you to play all the others first though… the dig… Grim Fandango… loom…indy 3 … indy 4… full throttle… curse of MI…
Labyrinth is interesting in hindsight, but it is never going to get re-released (being only released on C64, it really is the closest to “abandonware” you can get)


It’s a shame as I absolutely love the film, so even if it’s not a good game I’m curious to check it out.

Maybe Grim Fandango will be next then. Even if I get that blasted ABBA song stuck in my head every time I see a reference to it.

Perhaps a Lucasabbatical first though.


In GF??? No way.


You could be thinking of Bohemian Rhapsody instead.

By the by, I´m standing by what I said that as soon as there will be a Sale on some Sierra Games series bundles I´ll pick them up so you can help me.


There was something in the air that night, the stars were bright, Fernando Fandangooooo :notes:


The title makes me think of Fernando :wink:

I’ll try.

Good good :clap: first I need to decide if it’s worth our friendship for me to let you die sometimes :smiling_imp:

Yes, exactly :ear: :snake: :gun:



You mean… :notes: don’t take offence at my… Grim Fandango :notes:


You know, I still have the Space Quest series to play and our friendship isn’t that good so you can take all your sadistic pleasures out on me if you like :wink:


:rofl: noted!

I am slightly worried you guys are just going to get pissed off with those games.


If I´m starting the “put Fandango in all the other Queen songs” game now I´d be here all night, but it´s too late, you made me think already!


That´s why I need your handholding and emotional support!


Heyyyy hey hey hey. It’s okay little man, you didn’t see that giant beeping beep but it’s okay, you have a recent save game! What’s that…? Oh. Oh dear.