I really hope this is a sign that we are getting a new PVZ!

See the picture below and you will understand:

Or are the old PVZ guys going?

I suppose there is no PVZ fan here.

I played a lot the first “Plants vs Zombies” game and it’s one of the only two “tower defense” games that I liked (the other one being Defense Grid, which got me addicted).

Unfortunately I didn’t like very much the graphic style of the second PvZ game and I never purchased it.

Overall, I think that I’m the kind of person who is interested more about sequels of games that are based on narrative. PvZ is a good game but I’ve always considered it just a casual entertainment and not a game that I’m particularly interested in.

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I love PVZ, because I played PVZ 1 with my bro when I was small (9 years old), and I always love the music and the Zen garden. I really look forward to a sequel as I didn’t like PVZ Heroes as it did not have the essence of PVZ.