Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade EGA version?

While looking for the EGA PC version, I found this:

Apparently a fan remake.

Yes, found that too - although it looks quite rough around the edges (animation especially)

But still the this scene looks better than the Macintosh one


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I don’t really like Looms EGA style.
Well, I guess, it would be reasonable advice for anyone asking, whether it’s worth playing the 16 color version to take a look at some screenshots and decide for their selves:

Good points indeed. I only thought of the graphics when I wrote this.

While the author of those did some nice graphic conversions indeed, the game is missing an actual engine. He wrote somewhere, that each room is basically a separate program. Not really helpful for game logic, inventory etc… And many rooms are quite a bit more complex than those. I guess, quite some sacrifices have to be made to the game for an unexpanded C64.

This scene looks so different in VGA vs. EGA.

In the EGA version, everything is blue, black and gray. The single red leaf sticks out and is in high contrast to the background.

Now compare that to the VGA version:

I really prefer the gloomy mood of the original EGA version over the more colorful VGA version.


I’ve written it here somewhere before: my kids prefer Loom EGA aesthetics - so it is not purely about nostalgia.

Even Brian Moriarty prefers the EGA version

But obviously, up to everyone to pick their own favourite. It is just a pity that GOG and likes seem to think that defaults to the most recent/highest graphics standard.


Yeah, especially since the original versions are so small in size, they could easily be included with the download.

Problem solved!

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Or just play TWP/Delores in Spanish!

The kind of words you’ll learn will have more in common (the verbs to start with)

I don’t recall any puzzles in Indy3 were you need to book a hotel room, ask for the time of day, or order an item from the menu.


I do seem to remember a key puzzle in Indy3 hinging on him ordering “dos cervezas, por favor”.

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It involved “ein Bierstein” iirc

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I have the CGA-EGA, DOS (or SCUMM) version but it’s in italian language… It’s a 1.4 Mb zip file… I could put it somewhere…

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I’m surprised GOG didn’t include the EGA version. Especially since it is the preferred version of Brian Moriarty, which he stated on multiple occasions indeed. They did include the enhanced EGA version of Zak McKracken along with the FM-Towns version (although not mentioned at the store page), so why not do this with Loom? The differences are significant enough to justify including all 3 versions.


I made this very statement, much time ago, in this very forum. So I do agree.


Someone should create an Ultimate Talkie Edition of Loom. With the EGA graphics, but the digital speech / soundtrack from the CD version. :slight_smile:


I think @LogicDeLuxe has more experience with this than @Someone
(But I fully agree - one issue is that there is no voice for some of the dialog; the one that got cut for the VGA version)

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Well… :smirk:

You could only use graphics from the EGA version that are used in the VGA talkie version too - but then you’ll lose again some of the scenes.

I really enjoy the VGA versions. (But I grew up with the Amiga, so that’s a little in between the two)

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I grew up getting excited about the ads for Loom, but I still had a C64 so I couldn’t play it until many, many years later on PC.

I’m pretty sure it was the EGA version. I remember the sound more than the graphics though. Still have fond memories of the music which sounded good even on an old PC.


So you did get me curious. My copy of Loom comes from a magazine cover CD (PcPower 02/97) and it’s the EGA version :slight_smile::

And given all the info above, if I were to get a boxed copy I’d probably be looking for the EGA version, too. I did look at some Amiga screenshots, and I have the impression that the colors on those appear washed out compared to the PC. And the VGA conversion definitely changed the mood of the graphics. And not for the better, IMO.