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Just released adventure games


Yes, it’s that type of game.

Hello. I’m Nor Treblig. You now know a person who has completed Flashback. It’s not a particular hard game, but if you don’t know people who liked those PoP-gameplay type of games you probably don’t know anyone else who has completed this game.
I, for instance, don’t know anyone who has completed any NFL, NBA, FIFA sort of game (assuming they have some sort of career mode).

I agree on that. I don’t understand that they didn’t even show one single screenshot titled “classic mode” or something like that.

I have enough :moneybag: to pay the electricity to power any PC video game I want.
Such performance concerns can be valid for mobile games, but complaining about this Unity running more inefficiently than the original Flashback using e.g. DOSbox emulation is ridiculous.


Hello, but I don’t know you.

It’s less about if you can afford something. It’s about how it feels to you and how beautiful a solution is. Personally I think, it’s utterly disgraceful if you consider the hardware the game once was running on and what it consumes today, regardless of the platform (and btw. you easily run into issues on notebooks already).


I thought I know you. But then it made ∗pop∗ and it turned out your pixelated balloon face was not real :cry:

Well… it’s a remastered version, including new features. You can’t expect them to build on the original code base, especially since they want to support multiple modern platforms.

They should have added the original game (or its data files) though.

Edit: I’ve installed the game and it does include all the original data files! So everyone not being happy with their remastered version can play it with REminiscence instead.


I’m sorry.

The new features don’t justify the increase.titch


Btw. why isn’t TWP available on itch?

And speaking of itch, does anyone know, what the current state of Dexter Starbucks is?


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