Just released adventure games

Of course if you haven’t played Nine Witches, go play that instead. That’s a masterpiece

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In which way is Nine Witches related to Nightmare Frames? Are they both horror games?

it’s related only in the sense that you have to choose which one to play. :slight_smile:

nine witches is a masterpiece in atmosphere, especially due to the nighttime setting, which will give you some Monkey1 vibes.
Puzzle wise it has very high quality. Atmosphere wise it is monkey island quality. You’ll also get indy3 vibes due to the nazis.

The only real flaw are some rushed dialogs near the middle, in particular some easy poop jokes that reveal the game does not take itself seriously enough. But if you don’t mind that, it’s a lucasarts quality game. initially you will be thrown off by the controls, but you will soon get used to them.
PS: no jump scares in nine witches. it is comedy.


Thanks for reminding it to me, it really seems something that I would enjoy more. :slight_smile:

Although the game is short and ends in less than 40 minutes but it’s fun, this game is from my country, character animations are great and it reminds me a bit of “The Curse of Monkey Island”, plus it’s very cheap.


The highly-anticipated remastered edition of the seminal Westwood Studios classic Blade Runner is here at last.

Join Ray McCoy hunting down a gang of replicants on:
Nintendo Switch


Huh, I didn’t know that was in the works. And I just bought the original on GOG recently-ish, grml.