Just released adventure games

Well yes, it’s a good game overall, with really amazing art.

But the writing is rather poor. Most of it is due to the poor translation, with many grammar mistakes, but not only that. It’s also the logic of what is being said that often seems off. (Some dialog options you can choose ignore what has just been said; some dialogs are dull; things like that. )

Also, the implementation feels rushed: the protagonist doesn’t seem aware of goals, doesn’t pick items that would clearly be useful; the characters don’t repeat important lines which contain clues. Many of these things could be easily fixed.

Overall the puzzles are not very good (but that’s not its fault: it’s extremely hard to have good puzzles in noncomedy games). There are a few good ones though!

(The characters also felt a bit dull, but that’s very subjective.)


I got the impression it might be like that from the trailer (in terms of the writing), though I’ll probably still get it to support the devs, as I like that they were trying to get that LucasArts feel.

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And coming from Seguso this is a lot :grin: I’ll buy it ASAP, although I won’t be able to play it for a while since I have many things in my backlog, but his opinion makes it jump upwards in my priority list


Your opinion also counts a lot to me.