Let's have ideas for a new DLC

-areno harp-barp

(who else read this in the voice of @yrface? :joy: )

  • My biggest wish is to have more possibilities for experimenting. For examples, more objects and more combinations with interesting results.
  • Also, some casual in-game mini games.
  • Finally, I’d love version 2 of TWP where the story continues on a meta-level.

Second that!
In comparison to Zak, TWP felt a bit empty in some places (the kitchen in the Mansion Mansion) and there were too many red herring objects. Even if they don’t serve to solve a puzzle, having some optional use for them would have been nice.

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Well technically you can use some of Ransome´s stuff like the jack in the box.

You know of the arcades, do you?


Yes I know them. There could be also other games. For example, a pinball machine. Two characters could meet to play pool or a chess game.

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They should write an API so others can submit their own plug-in arcade games in TWP :smiley: