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Let's play.... DOS games!


I read that and thought: what are we… 1988? :slight_smile:


I’d tag Martin Wendt, but he doesn’t seem to be on the forum. He was pretty active on the blog.


Wow, that’s a really big toilet


There’s something about these old systems that seems to attract some people. I’m not into RTS games (any more), but found it a fitting addition to this thread. However, I actually did back one C64 game on Kickstarter last year: Unknown Realm. I selected the PC version, but they did offer actual C64 cartridges that would require the actual hardware to run.


Martin Wendt: @enthusi


Of Cause! Don’t say that you haven’t heard about “Sam’s Journey”?


Thanks :smiley: by the way, I finally got to try the game yesterday on my Vice. It seems nice, I’ll play it as soon as I have the time :slight_smile:


This gives me hope that I may one day finish my own adventure game and release it on C64. Anyone know if there is a SCUMM engine for C64 available somewhere?

I’m hoping the graphic limitations will allow me to create some art/animation that is acceptable without having to quit my day job and devote 1000 hours to practicing and still come nowhere close to what Gary can do.


There are several adventure game engines (resp. adventure game creators) available, but they are very limited and none of them is similar to SCUMM.

Examples for those engines are:


It’s gotta be SCUMM-y or nothing.
I’m a bit of a perfectionist.


Ok, the games I have played the most, excluding adventure games:

  • Prince of Persia
  • Indianapolis 500
  • F15 Strike Eagle III
  • F1GP
  • Civilization
  • Transport Tycoon
  • Civilization 4
  • Stunts!

Other games I liked:


Then you have to program your own engine. :slight_smile: But maybe @enthusi can help?


Indy500, Transport Tycoon (deluxe) and Stunts are also in my list of the most played. TTD had an interesting bug: if you had enough money, you could buy all your competitors for free. You bought stocks for a competitor, but as soon as you bought 100%, you got also their money. Which included your money you gave them for the stocks. Wonderful.


Did you play The Manager?
It’s a football manager game. I didn’t like football, but loved the game. I had an Italian version, with italian teams and players from serie A, B, and C in early 90es. You’ll like it.


Oh, I forgot this one!

Actually it isn’t a game, but…
Aw, who am I kidding? It IS a game.


When he is not the HULK Bruce Banner is in BANNER MANIA!


So, when he IS the HULK, he’s in…


I thought I have played an F-15 game but it doesn’t seem to be from this series. I can’t find it anymore.


It was very realistic and complex, despite of the 320x200 resolution. Evey key on the keyboard had a function. I used to play keeping the quick reference key map under my eyes. I remember I studied the manual and stared to the box of the game for months before managing to upgrade my machine in order to get the game running.

Oh, another great game I forgot to mention:



Nope, the only managerial football game I played is PC Calcio 7 :smiley: