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Let's play.... DOS games!



Just a hunch, but I think she might be a conservative…


Haven’t you said you are wearing this? :thinking:


Yes but I’m not Tori Spelling. Tori SPELLING @Sushi


And I made a british politics joke…


She is wearing the skirt the wrong way, the pulley should be on the other side:


…which I chose to ignore because I didn’t get it.

Ohhhh, tori, tory. Okay, yeah.


:sweat: soooooorry. Can´t have been really good then…


No, silly Kate just didn’t get it :slightly_smiling_face:


I´ll wait for @tasse-tee then to tell me if she´s got it before she scrolled down.


Nope, sorry. You probably know more about politics in the UK than me and Kate do :wink:
(Based on this)


Snugs up in @tasse-tee’s corner feeling stupid for not getting any of those jokes. (I know the “actress” and I’ve heard of the UK Tories… but didn’t connect any dots or how any of that that relates to Kate. Because they both wear dresses?)

looks dumbly smiling as any good goldfish


I don´t know much else besides you also have a practical bipartisan system where both of the partys tend to lean towards the right/conservative side.

Living in the UK would give me a hard time when it comes to voting. :man_shrugging:

Sorry, making jokes like this make for the rare moments where I can feel smartypants.


Maybe that was shot in Spello

(nice city in Umbria)…


To put you out of your misery, Milan was referring to my penchant for (obsession with?) good spelling and grammar. Hence ‘Spello’ being a suitable nickname.


And again I´m happy that @PiecesOfKate gets 99% of my jokes, which is more that I can say about 99% of people.


1% of 1% = 1/10000 chance of me getting any of that :slight_smile:

But yeah I get it now:
Kate :heart: Proper Spellong


Better than nothing at all, amirite? :raising_hand_man:


image ?


Yesterday my daughter began jumping over manholes saying “watch out for the spikes!”. It’s time I let her play Prince of Persia again.