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Let's play... Nintendo games!


They look odd (Dave is a redhead, Weird Ed wears a pink beret etc) and many of the scrolling rooms aren´t scrolling you see everything at once taking away many surprise moments.

Yeah many love Dave´s theme especially. I don´t really find it as catchy as many and frankly it´s distracting as hell. Not as “almost non noticable” as the backround music in FM Towns Zak(which restrains itself just enough).

I compare it to the Phillip Glass scored version of Dracula. It really was meant to be without music.


Does that include the kitchen?


Not that, I believe.


Did you notice that below all the traffic noises in SF, you can actually hear the title song?


Edit: And I actually I still don´t. Are you sure about that?


I am sure. Not sure about @Sushi.

I can hear the theme and that was one thing that annoyed me over the time.


Yeah, I am sure!

I was more annoyed by that super loud bicycle bell!


I hear all that and I belive to hear something faint that could be a melody in the left channel, but I´d have to use lots of imagination for that. Aren´t you guys older than me and also into loud rock music? Why am I having the bigger issue, here? :scream:


Yanny or Laurel?


Both, I had exactly zero issues with that.


I have indeed tinnitus, but I can hear it. If I have the time, I’ll try to find that part in a video.


So did you guys know that in airport tune #1 you can hear the melody of “Leavin On A Jetplane” quietly in the backround played a super slow speed?


@milanfahrnholz: Here we go (Warning! The video contains spoilers.):

You can hear the music better after Zak played with the window shade.

/edit: Here you can hear it even better:


I never had picked up on that!

Reminds me of the scene in From Dusk Till Dawn where you can hear Hendrix very very quietly in the backround during the vietnam story scene. Never heard anyone mention that I thoght I was hearing things. That´s the kind of subtelty you don´t expect in a Rodriguez/Tarantino flick.


I actually didn’t hear it while playing because I tend to put the volume about as low as possible. On my Sennheiser headphones that’s especially nice.


I assume here is the best place to post that link:


This is more impressive (but older) - it’s an emulator that renders old 2D NES games in 3D:


Huh, interesting concept. Have you tried it?


No (= not yet), but you find several “let’s play” videos on Youtube.


Heh, looks funny. (Also that person has a way too slow computer? The sound skips are driving me nuts.)