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I still don’t know why they called it fruit. I have never seen apples and bananas coming out of a loom. (But I’m confident that @milanfahrnholz will post a picture. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


You´ve got me stumped there. But I hadn´t done that anyway I´d probably just sardonically linked to this


Yes. :wink: But I still don’t get it. I would have chosen “fabric of the loom” or “wonder of the loom” or something similar. (As you can see, I’m not a marketing guy. Maybe Microsoft hires me?)


Noch nie was von “Die Früchte meiner Arbeit” gehört? Wie gesagt, Metapher halt.

They did at the moment you wrote that sentence!


Yes, I know that (German) metaphor. :slight_smile: But “fruit of the loom” still sounds… hm… weird to me. It sounds more like the name of a hair shampoo…


mhm… Actually I don’t get why it should be so strange.
You don’t even need to make a metaphore… I mean, I’m sure that the italian vocabulary has, amongst the various meanings for “frutto”, also “prodotto, risultato”.
I’m quite confident that the english dictionary has “product, result” amongst the meanings for “fruit”.
Isn’t that so in German?

Yes, it seems so…


Yes. “Früchte der Arbeit” (fruit of the/my work) is very common. But “fruit of the loom” still sound different - well, at least for me. :wink:


Why? It´s the same except it´s the fruit (of the work that comes) of the loom.


I don’t know. :thinking: Maybe my brain just can’t connect a fruit with a loom…


Don´t worry, you´re in good company with people who don´t get metaphors.


When a child is born, he’s called “the fruit of the love”.
When a child is born from a loom, he’s called “The fruit of the Loom™”


Judging from all the other examples you´ve cited so far I´m surprised it´s not fruit of the di** in italian. :sweat_smile:


It would be too simple :smile::smile:


A common saying here is ‘the fruit of your loins’.


I was about to that. It´s literally the same in german. Which might be because it´s biblical.


Ah, yes. Makes sense. Also a good cocktail name :bulb:


You sippin your cocktails from lightbulbs? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ohhh you just had an idea!


:grinning: :+1:

*hastily makes note to serve drinks in lightbulbs*


Electrifying Eggnogg™


You are too late:

(Google for “lightbulb drink”.)