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Monkey Island Fan translation


I wasn’t assuming this was an original idea :wink: those look yummo.


So many ways to get creative with lightbulbs…


Nowadays the author of such a cartoon would be sued.


Then again, that was a time where much worse things happened…


Well, the more I look at that gif, the more I’m irresistibly pushed to try that at home…


Watch out not to slip on the way there, otherwise…


Insane! Wow! You did Syberia and Broken Sword too? That is one hell of a job. I don’t see MM or Zak, did you translate them as well? If someone told me one person did all these games for a fan project I wouldn’t believe.


I’ve always* wondered if the surname choice for Guybrush was a reference to P.G.Wodehouse.

*well, since I read Wodehouse’s novels.


@Sushi On translating names, my two cents: don’t.

I know some references will get lost (it took me 20 years to understand the GuyBrush ManComb joke) but… we had different names for the Star Wars characters, and it’s a mess. My daughter loves Darth Vader, but when I showed her the movie, she was confused by the fact that everyone called him Lord Fener.

And some of the references are either quite easy (I knew pretty well, as a kid, what “monkey” and “island” meant in English) or can be ignored (Mêlée, SCUMM) without much loss.

If you really want to translate… good luck in changing the sprites when you get to translate MI2’s “monkey wrench” puzzle :wink:


I don’t intend to translate MI2. And even if, I could translate monkey wrench into whatever and STILL it’d be an awful puzzle. Heh heh heh.

Seriously, if I were to translate MI2, I’d make Guybrush comment something as “I’m not cut out to do a monkey’s job”


So far I nearly haven’t either. But that wasn’t my question: I was just looking for ideas on how it could be done.
I totally agree on your examples. But in case of Toothrot to Tandrot, that won’t confuse anyone. Moreover since MI is text only, so they’ll probably mispronounce tooth anyway


As a kid I had to rely on my dad´s terrible english. So for years I mispronounced many Monkey Island names including LeChuck.


I thought “LeChuck” was intended to be french, even if it was a bit strange. It made sense, since we were on Melée, which sounded french to me. So At first I thought the correct pronunciation was something like “LeChook” or even “LeShook”


That´s the way my dad pronounced it to me. Rhyming with “took”.


Not to mention that “LeChook” sounds like “L’è ciuc”, which -in milanese dialect- means “he’s drunk”.
That was a very funny pun to me as a kid.
Anyway, I was 12 back then, so I had pretty an idea of english pronunciation, and I basically got right all the other names. I didn’t get the red herring joke or the monkey wrench puzzle in MI2, though.

EDIT: no, I remember another mispronounced name of mine: “scoomm”.


I pronounced LeChuck as “Le Ciak”… L’è ciok only in our dialect :joy:


Does it mean “he’s stupid”?
Something like that?


I had a friend who pronounced it “Le-cook”.

By the way I still pronounce “mon-kay”, when I refer to the game. When I talk about monkeys, I say “mah-n-kee” as it’s supposed to be. But Monkey Island will always be “mon-kay” island.


Well, ooh la di da Mr. French Man!


Well, we open a whole new chapter, here. I have two English pronunciations, which are different if I’m speaking in italian or in English.
I mean… if I say:
“Last week I replayed Monkey Island” my pronunciation, far from being perfect, would be quite faithful.
But if I’m talking in italian to italian people, and I say “la scorsa settimana ho rigiocato a Monkey Island” my pronunciation would be quite italianized. The fluency of speech needs that, and I think it is the same for everybody in every language.