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Monkey Island Fan translation


I am slowly translating TWP now… I have about 2000 lines done


Did Ron release the translation tool for TWP already? Or did you create your own tool for this purpose?


There is some tool cycling over the internet… I believe, this text can be used for Ron’s official tool…if any ever happen.


@Sushi, since I’m at work and I can’t test it myself - what kind of output does scummtr give? Is it only text, or is there some info about whether it is a speech line, which actor says it, whether there’s a sound to be played and so on?


It’s pure txt, with some escape sequences for line breaks, pauses, TM symbols etc. No other info on actors or whatsoever. You really need to be very familiar with each game if you want to translate it that way.
It is pretty picky as well regarding what game versions it will parse or won’t parse, so I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to use it on TWP, if that’s what you’re thinking of. And why should you? Ron will release his nice spreadsheet based translation support to the fans one fine day. Soon.


Nope :stuck_out_tongue: I was planning our next move after the TWP project.

I managed to put custom speech lines into Day Of The Tentacle under ScummVM and I was thinking how could I extract a script so that we can finally have DOTT in Italian :smiley:


I see.
Well there is an option to scummtr which I haven’t tried yet that puts some @ delimiters around characters, objects etc.
So it might be feasible, but the best would be to just try it.
Alternatively we could do a project with the nice people on this forum and others to improve on scummtr.
Are there already Italian subtitles for DOTT?


Yes, if you mean there is a DOTT with italian text.
I don’t know how to get the text file, though.


Yes, the game has been released in Italian, but with English voices.

I just need to extract all the texts to pair it with the audio files I have so that I know that audio #93 is Green Tentacle saying “I don’t think you should drink that” so an actor would know what to say in Italian and save it again with index 93 :smiley:


“I don’t think you should drink that” --> "Sono Ransome, il clown bastardo!"
Right? :ransome:



For those who ask why, this is actually what I accomplished - I could substitute one of the lines in DOTT with one of my TWP lines :smiley: here’s the video. Purple Tentacle’s last line describes perfectly the video.

Hmm, discourse’s preview looks OK, but then I can’t see the video in the topic. Here’s the link.


Extracting anything from any LucasArts game is super easy…there are all tools already made.


Would you like to share some links for these tools (other than scummspeak)? E.g. scummtr is not able to handle C64 versions (MM/Zak). It is not just of a matter of extracting the resources, but also modding them back in.


somebody is interested in other platforms than PC? I was talking about PC only, but here is a tools that might help you somehow (link below). BUT here is a quick suggestion, the guy who made Scummspeak is a great coder, he can help you with your questions to get files in and out… send him email, he always answered my question and also updated scummspeak based on my requests.


I can’t help, but maybe these tools are useful:

If you would like to dive into the C64 games, you should ask @enthusi.


It seems some words are hard-coded in the SCUMM engine, like the “with” in use…with. :thinking:

Other than that, I’m at 90% of translating MM now.


current status: Maniac Mansion 100% done! Though still some words in the sentence constructor are in English like the “with” or “to” that is added when using verbs like unlock, give,…
Anybody out there who knows how to also translate those? I assume it may involve decompilation and recompilation?

MI at 14%


@enthusi you seem to be the C64 wiz around here. Do you know if (and how) it is possible to translate the hardcoded words in C64 Maniac Mansion?


I have a question for my German friends here (@milanfahrnholz, @Someone)
How is this line translated in German?
It is said by the Citizen of Melee Island who sells stuff on the street corner (the one with the parrot on his shoulder) when you ask him if he has any files (the raspy metal kind)…
“Financial files on Stan’s Shipyard? Personnel files for the Sheriff’s Department?”

I just spent time to play up to that point by configuring MI-SE in German… to discover he doesn’t use that line at all (neither in English). Do you have any recollection of how this word pun was translated?

More in general, having the scummtr extracted text could be useful (and quicker than me having to play parts of the game) to have a quick look how Boris translated stuff.


Sorry, I can’t remember at the moment.