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Me neither, but the reason is simply that it doesn´t work as a pun since file (Feile) and file (Akte) don´t sound alike in german.

If it were up to me I´d probably play on the german word for “violet” which is “veilchen” and he could probably suggest to look in the Melée woods for it.

But again I don´t remember if that is what Boris did (think not though).


In such cases Boris sometimes used a completely other, German pun.


yeah, well I just wanted to know what that pun was - if any
In Dutch, the words “vijl” and “dossier” are also totally unrelated
And the only word that comes to mind that closes resembles “vijl” (file) is (horny)… so no :joy:


Sure, but in this case it´s about a specific item. I really can´t remember because it hasn´t occured to me to ask that guy for the file in a very long time (because I know he doesn´t have it. :))


I think I will go with “veiling” (sale/auction), which is pretty close to the plural of a file …“vijlen”.

It would play out something like:
“I am looking for some (vijlen) auction?”
“The auction of used ships at Stan’s? Or the auction of stol… I mean… lost & found items over at the Sheriff’s?”
"No, the metal raspy kind of files (vijlen)


Guybrush: Do you have a file?

Citizen: Financial files on Stan’s Shipyard?
Citizen: Personnel files for the Sheriff’s Department?

Guybrush: Actually, I meant the raspy metal kind.

Guybrush: Haben Sie eine Feile?

Citizen: Pfeile? Das ist ein Piratenspiel, kein Western.
Citizen: Oder meintest du eine Nagel-Feile?

Guybrush: Fast, vielleicht eine große stabile, zum Öffnen von Schlössern?

translated from German:
Guybrush: Do you have a file?

Citizen: Arrows? This is a pirate game, not a Western. [The citizen misheard ‘Feile’ (file) as ‘Pfeile’ (arrows)]
Citizen: Or did you mean a nail file?

Guybrush: Close, maybe a big, solid one, for opening locks?

Guybrush: Hai una lima?

Citizen: Ho limaccio, pasticci finanziari sul Cantiere Navale di Stan.
Citizen: Ho limaccio sul Dipartimento dello Sceriffo.

Guybrush: In realtà intendevo una striscia di metallo ruvida.

Google translated from Italian:
Guybrush: Do you have a file?

Citizen: I have lasso, financial messes on the Stan Shipyard.
Citizen: I work on the Sheriff’s Department.

Guybrush: Actually, I meant a strip of rough metal.

Thimbleweed Park Italian fan dub Project - Official Thread(TM)

Whoa, I had no idea. I’ve never played MI in English, and now I don’t remember how it is in Italian, but given the horrible history of translations and adaptations in Italy, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did not understand it was a joke.


I’ve added the Italian version, but maybe you have a better English translation than Google…

Looking at wiktionary (limaccio) the Italian translation doesn’t look that bad!


That could work in Dutch.

Also, I realize this is a month late for @Sushi but maybe something stupid along these lines?

Heb je een goede rasp?
Wat zeg je, Stan z’n aktentas? De personeelsbestanden in de kast?


Dutch never ceases to amaze me in that I got at least half of that! :slight_smile:

  • rasp = Raspel I believe, so you got that
  • Aktentasche is probably proper German?
  • kast = Schrank, so that doesn’t quite work, but Kasten is a related word that means something like “case” if I’m not mistaken.
    The shared meaning/etymology might be “something that is square”?

tl;dr something like this:

Do you have a rasp/grater?[1]
What did you say? Stan’s briefcase/file bag? The personnel files in the cabinet?[2]

  1. Grater can be more or less a synonym for file. The proper English term in the context of woodworking is probably surform (surface former), but English also has a word rasp meaning coarse file.
  2. Except now it’s the word cabinet that’s similar to bag and grater.


If anyone out there knows how to swap the verb positions, the translation of Monkey Island to Dutch will be finished just in time for Christmas.



That’s good news.
Why do you need to swap verbs?
And… when will the talkie version available? :sunglasses:


If you are able to do that, I suggest you to write only the verbs in the grid, while adding the prepositions (naar, met) to the name of the object when building the command sentence, thus obtaining a more balanced composition of the verb grid.


Probably because Gebruik doesn’t fit where it’s currently located but would if you swapped it with Neem, plus it’d look more balanced.

Hanteer, pas toe, benut… well, I guess benut might fit but I’m sure @Sushi rejected it for sounding slightly odd. :wink:


Oh, I see.


because the K of “gebruik” is behind the inventory scroll bar

because the prepositions are there in English too. (Talk TO, Look AT)
If I could/had to hack the engine, I’d just change the positions




Finally I got those darned engine hard-coded prepositions translated too! (plus I moved the verbs around)


Also here, the verbs are finally in the right places