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Netflix (and other VOD) recommendations


Anyway, I will add season 1 to my nightly routine along with the Man In The High Castle starting today, since I´m through with the book now.


American Gods starts out very dynamic and fast-paced, visually stunning, surprisingly funny and even over-the-top-gory in parts! I already noticed a few changes and it certainly must feel different when you know where certain things will lead and who certain people will turn out to be as opposed to when you´re completly oblivious. Looking forward to more!


Glad you’re enjoying it :slight_smile: I loved the cinematography too.

Where are you up to?


Just seen one episode yesterday since I´m also watching Man In The High Castle. Then on the weekend I´ll add The Haunting Of Hill House (which will then be added to Netflix) to the mix. So I´ll be watching three different shows a night one episode each just like we used to do in the good old days! Or it will be terribly confusing. Probably the latter.


I think it’s good to have a few on the go. Sounds like a good mix!


There has been a very good scene that took place in the rain, but I´m not sure if it´s already the one you were refering to.


I don’t think it is – October 2017 Kate seemed to think it was about halfway through. But, you know, can’t trust that weirdo.


I dunno, I liked it when she gave me that :ear: :snake:. You know…:zombie: by the :strawberry:ies*

*yeah yeah, it´s a strawberry, that is the best that discourse would give me!



And now she has it in her head again, I hear, through the er… wormvine.


The second episode of American Gods culminated in the pact between Shadow and Czernobog that will only be resolved at the end of the show.

And Gillian Anderson had her first appearence! And it still was a surprise because I thought they´d use some old I Love Lucy footage and just dub it over, but her dressing up and playing a role in a way I don´t think I´ve seen her much in anything like it before was fun to watch!

Also watching Peter Stormare as Czernobog is a real blast!


Yep, that was fun :slightly_smiling_face: she does good dress-up!


Also that intro is so super badass, everytime I watch it I feel like my balls are growing three sizes…erm pardon the graphic expression!



I don’t remember it… Have to look it up later.

Long as none of my parts are affected.

Depending which parts.


Tell me the results…I mean…yeah sure…hopefully you won´t be affected…




Yeah not sure it needed a whole episode about the whole Laura backstory. Especially with her being such a terrible person (and I mean that beyond that whole adultery thing, just in general). Betty Gilpin was great though! Loved her in GLOW love her in this!

We were both right. That scene takes places in the first episode but halway through you get to see it from another perspective. :slight_smile:


Oh, makes sense :slightly_smiling_face: I loved how that was filmed.


I watched the season finale* of Better Call Saul last night (not sure if that qualifies as VOD yet?)

It was so good… I don’t want to spoil anything but this season definitely gets better with each episode. The Breaking Bad connections are starting to get really interesting.



I think we’ve only got a few episodes to go now. I’ve been finding it a bit dry in places and a bit of a slog, but it’s still keeping my interest overall.

I’m trying to stop my brain wondering what sad thing happens based on two references I’ve seen to that now… better hurry up and finish it I guess!


I thought that too after the first few episodes. The Jimmy & Kim dynamic was starting to get boring but it does pick up the pace if you stick with it. I found this week’s episode was a good balance between the Mike/Gus/Cartel story and the Jimmy/Kim/Chuck drama.