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Netflix (and other VOD) recommendations


I already said it on twitter but that starlight scene was just beautiful! I wonder how they did that?


Four episodes to go apparently! Might have to blitz it at the weekend.


Gillian Anderson dressed up as David Bowie?!?!?

:heart_eyes: :exploding_head: :scream: :heart_eyes: :exploding_head: :scream: :heart_eyes: :exploding_head: :scream:

I feel my whole sexuality just got shot on a rocketship to mars, went 180 degrees ice skating on the polecaps, got burnt on re-entry, crashlanded on the foothills of mount fuji where it fought with Godzilla and Mothra and just woke up heavily sweating in a bed I´m not quite sure if it´s really my own or not.

But it felt great!


Yay, that’s the bit in the cab I was referring to :slightly_smiling_face: I loved that. I think I had a similar reaction! She really is an incredible actress.


Monroe was great too!

I´m not really sure if that thing is a “cab” though. But yeah, this show takes you for a ride! :smile:


These are the shows (that are still ongoing) that I try to keep up with and enjoy (I am not totally up to date with all of them):

Better Call Saul
Into the Badlands
The Purge
Man in the High Castle
The 100
The Walking Dead
Fear the Walking Dead
Stranger Things
Game of Thrones


I just added recently added The Haunting of Hill House to my list. Not read the novel or seen any of the film adaptations.


One can tell that you´re not feeling well, Kay-kay. :face_with_thermometer:

Yeah me neither. It´s a classic though so maybe I should one day. There is however another Shirley Jackson story in my anthology, no idea if it´s a ghost story as well.

The 1963 film version The Haunting is really well made for the time and definitly worth a watch. I´ve also seen the Jan de Bont Catherine Zeta-Jones/Liam Neeson late 90s version that is a bit comical and heavy on corny CGI.

I´ll be watching the show in any case.
You recognize this guy?


He´s in the show too (and actually has shown up in quite a few horror movies in recent years).


Oh noooo, don’t take my grammar you big bad motherthimbling cold! :weary:

Hm, don’t think so…


Oh, he grew up!


Oh no wait… I just went to correct that and realised I meant it how I said it, meaning I added (to my list) a series that had been recently added (to Netflix). Worded in a terrible way though, gah!

Also, having a cold is really boring. Check your QuizUp!


I didn´t mean it was wrong, the double “added” just sounds a bit odd.

Oh, nice I was just thinking we haven´t played in a while! :smiley:


And sorry I kept you waiting so long!


Haunting Of Hill House Episode 2.

:crying_cat_face: Warning!


Eek, thanks! I’ll practise my ‘it’s not real’ chants.


Finishing up American Gods and Man In The High Castle(that ending of the penulitmate episode, WOW!) tonight.


Watched the first episode of Maniac. Wasn’t sure at first, but by the end am now quite intrigued.


I´ll remember that for later. At the moment my programme is chock full! :nerd_face: :popcorn:

I almost can´t see the chill for the netflix, is what I´m saying!


I forgot about that… i think I watched the first two episodes. I was afraid it was going to be too much of a “rich people problem” thing but I’ll have to give it another go.


Haven´t seen enough about it so far to know what that is refering to?


Yeah, I know what you mean. I think it might take a bit of effort to stick with it but I’m curious about where it’s going.