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Netflix (and other VOD) recommendations


Jonah Hill’s character comes from a wealthy New York family, which he doesn’t want anything to do with. I’m hoping that’s just background and that it goes somewhere more abstract.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind managed to make a really sad sci-fi story completely worth it. It’s kind of a risk when going into bleak territory that it might leave you bummed out. But if it’s thought provoking and interesting enough it could be worthwhile.


Yeah, I don’t mind bleak things (probably prefer them to be honest!) provided the storyline keeps moving and it keeps my interest like you say.

With Maniac it’s more that I’m worried it’s being weird for the sake of being weird. But then I’ve literally only seen one episode so far.


coughAmerican Horror Storycough






That ending of the season finale of American Gods was really operatic!

They changed quite a bit from the book. I really enjoyed that whole Jesus part.

Though I think I’d be really confused hadn’t I read the book first.:grin:


Will do when I see a good one! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Agreed! Everyone at work raves about that show but I found it a bit too corny.

I’m struggling to remember the details… Is that when they’re all in the garden?


That´s not a joke, that is basically my life! :smile:

I sat through three seasons of it, mainly because season 2 started out a lot better than season 2. But Coven did it for me. And that was before it turned into a Stevie Nicks Video all of a sudden (I´m not kidding!).

Yes where Odin reveals himself. Which admittedly is bit of a “get on with it” moment if you know it already.

I also loved how he tried to get Easter and Jesus to fight each other. That also wasn´t in the book.


We watched a couple of eps back in the day and were like “eh.”


The point I totally lost it was when I had to look at Janine Melnitz here alll the time an was supposed to take it serious!


I watched the first season and thought it was good. Couldn’t get into it after that, and all the hype pretty much kept me away from it.
Though I did like seeing Adam Levine getting his arm ripped off… :japanese_ogre:


That´s like the very first thing that happens in the very first episode, right? Yeah they have odd casting choices (though Lady Gaga might actually not bad, I never got that far). And as I´ve said one episode literally turns into an actual Stevie Nicks Video all of a sudden (and they say she will appear in future episodes, too).

This from seaon 2 however is a goddamn :ear: :snake: though (but also nothing I would expect in a show that has the word Horror in it).


Yeah, I think it was Season 2, ep 1.


Watched the finale of Better Call Saul.

It was good, though I was expecting something really tragic to happen based on how you guys reacted. I’m assuming now that you were talking about the bit where Mike had to shoot Ziegler, which was sad, admittedly. Just not Kim-dying sad, which was my overshot prediction :laughing:

And I agree that the moonlight widescreen shot was perfect. As was the shot of the inside of the car park machine with the gum in it. They’re great at those creative moments.


Oh, you caught up fast! :slight_smile:

I get where you´re coming from, since Werner was only introduced in this season so you´re obviously not as attached to him as other regulars. Still it was the sort of execution where you felt for both people involved. Other than that one I saw on The Man In The High Castle just recently.

And looking at the Breaking Bad cast odds are definitly out on Kim and Nacho. Anything can happen to either or both at any moment!


Yeah, that’s why I assumed Kim. Glad I was wrong for now!