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Netflix (and other VOD) recommendations


First time I thought that actually for a moment was the car crash.

But yeah, there has to be a reason why she won´t appear in Jimmy´s life in the future(though then again you didn´t see exactly very much of Saul Goodman´s private life in Breaking Bad at all, so maybe she´ll be fine. :)).


I’ve been thinking the same thing the whole season. Either she bites it in some catastrophe, or every time Jimmy gets in trouble, I think she’s finally had enough and is going to leave him. The way she looked at him after his speech to the Bar Association seems like that could be a possibility. But they’ll probably just keep us guessing for another season…

I wouldn’t put it past them to write something totally unpredictable like she gets kidnapped by :alien::alien::alien: !


I thought that too. I think she’s more likely to just leave, especially since Jimmy’s quite a different person in BB and I can’t imagine that would fit with their friendship (or whatever you want to call it) anymore.


The Haunting Of Hill House seems to turn out to be really good.

It shares some obvious elements with the original story but really is it´s own thing.

I like the way it is written. So far we had two episodes that were two other episodes but from the perspective of other characters adressing some of the open questions of earlier episodes.

Unfortunatly it doesn´t completely escape the usual ghost house movie(or show, I guess) trappings and jump scare clichées. But if it works it works really good!

I really enjoyed this dude I shall call Magritte Ghost because he looked like this:


And he stalked one of the characters always creeping nearer but never turning around!

Yeah, I´m surprised actually how much I´m starting to like this!


Oww I wanted to be the first to watch it! :laughing: I’m too slow finishing other stuff. Bodes well that you like it though - look forward to checking it out. It sounds quite different from the usual stuff I watch - not seen many horror series in general.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I think I need to remind you that I already gave a “cat warning” for one episode. Better remember that this time! I´m serious!

I´m not sure if there are that many. At least good ones. That aren´t anthology like Tales From The Crypt.

I also started watching Slasher. I already seen the first season which was as it turned out taking most of its plot from Se7en.

And season 2 also looks familar. So far it reminds me a lot of House On Sorority Row which itself had taken its premise from the french classic Les Diaboliques (which is a must see if you can avoid spoilers!).


Yeah that’s true. It’s nice to be warned of that.

I remembered last time… didn’t I? I think I just got confused after seeing a minor cat thing and thinking that was it :laughing:

Believe it’s in me book. I still need to watch that horror box set. Too many horror things, too little time!


Sure, it just seemed you hadn´t known I started watching it yet the way you said it.

Also, it is even a kitten thing!

Very true! I again got reminded how many classics I still need to see when Edgar Wright posted a nice top 100 of his favourites on Twitter yesterday!


Oh noooo :cry: is it a drowning thing?


No a sudden death thing (and they look quite realistic) combined with :zombie: :cat: (zombie cat) which I remember was on your list you gave me once along with ghost pirate cats or whatever else


It’s probably fine. I need to man up about these things really, since it’s not real! :pleading_face:


I would say so, especially in comparison how you probably react to the same things happening to human characters (also not real).

I personally don´t share these feelings, so I never quite understood the need for a website like “”.


Yeah, I try not to think about that difference too much :smirk: I think it’s because animals tend to be more defenceless.

That is… wow. I was hoping for some profound ‘About’ section going into the reasons why they made the site. Shame.


So you´d get a simliar reaction with human babies, you´d think?

I just checked and saw there is a list for “more triggers” for every film too and got a chuckle out of how they illustrated the “snakes” category.


Not sure. Not convinced I would.

Haha, oh yeah!


Just trying to get to the bottom of this.



I suspect it’s probably linked to some sort of incident when I was younger or something.


Did you always have cats/pets?


Yeah, always cats.


Were they there before you (i.e. your parents had them ) or did you get one at a certain age?