New Year's Resolutions

Actually I was surprised that on his list for the new year wasn’t “change my underwear”…

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Sounds like an idea for a new bestselling game - maybe you should team up with @Paul. :wink:

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Because I can always do that the year after!

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I could blame you for starting it in the first place…

If I understand this correctly, you’re saying we should hire gnomes to steal Ron, Gary, and David’s underpants, as collateral, in exchange for making the game? Good thinking.



Btw, now that I have Soviet and game in one sentence - ever played this underground adventure? SOVIET UNTERZOEGERSDORF / SOWJET-UNTERZOEGERSDORF / adventure game

Did I? I’m going to have to check that…

Well @someone might have equal parts in it.

And for some strange reason me frequently changing avatars got twisted into rarely changing underwear. The internet is so weird…


Well, that works both ways. I’ll let you know have far I ran and then go “how 'bout you?”

(Seriously hoping you’re not one of those triathlon people who call anything less than 10 miles “warming up”)

But first things first: having an indigestion or four in the coming week! Ah, traditions! :christmas_tree: :fireworks:

Sounds good!

Actually I’m an ultra marathon runner.


Yes. Both parts are weird. :slight_smile: Sadly, the developers haven’t done the third part (yet)…

So these chocolate truffles gave you super-powers? (Now I’m glad that I will get them next year…)

Well it might be the steroids I put in them but, sure.


But will it end up like in that one episode where Sam & Diane meet up for what they think is a double date but it turns out they both paid their significant others to turn up with them so that the other one doesn´t think they´re alone?

Hm, maybe. What would be the equivalent of that? Perhaps if I Photoshop my head onto this?

Maybe…but please…just…don´t…okay?

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Looking good!


So, 37 posts and nobody said it.

My new year’s resolution is going to be 1920x1080. -insert George the Postman’s laugh here-


So, now, seriously.

It was December 2016 and somebody asked me my resolutions for 2017, and I said, “you know what? I always *beep* them up, so I’m just going to say gain weight, so I might as well lose some”.

I lost 8 kilos (17.6 lbs for the “strange measure unit guys”).

So, I’ll keep this tradition and let’s say that my goals for 2018 are:

  1. never finish the Italian TWP dub
  2. never find the time to design my new adventure game
  3. stop running (and forget that half marathon in may)

That should do!


But does it have a pulley in the middle?

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