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No more money (10 Cent)


I need more money!

Because the 10 Cent are empty. I need it for the telephone.

What can I do? I have found it 2x the 10 Cent coin.

Hello Harry,
Do you need the dime?
It’s somewhere in the street, randomly.
You have to find it and… find a way to give it to who needs help!

I have found the dime 2 times and I‘ve give it to the agent in the underground but I‘ve dialed the wrong number :frowning:
And the other dime has the homeless person !!

I‘m stupid :weary:

Then, did you succeed now? Did you escape the underground?

Hint for you:

If you have dialed the wrong number, then you have not spent that coin. Inspect the phone carefully.

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Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Aye? This is all new to me?
I’ve not done any of this and completed ‘Hard’.

Can you enlighten me, preferably in a non SPOILER SPOILER fashion that would be awesome.

The scene with the 10 Cent coin only happens under special conditions at the beginning of the game (depending on the things the two agents have done).

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I’m loving this ‘someone’. I love games with hidden depth. I just had a go down the arcade. Ich habe ein Lächeln auf meinem Gesicht,

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btw: You can reference a forum member by putting a “@” symbol at the beginning of his or her name, for example: @anon36378415. This has the advantage that the forum software sends this person a notification.

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@someone nice one thank you. dank. :slight_smile:

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