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Non ci sono uffici ad Albuquerque! (TWP Ita Dub, intro trailer)



Yes :smile: I think I just assumed that picture wasn’t you for some reason. So yeah, now you’re an obscure actor with a well-known but anonymous actor’s voice.


Could somebody explain that to me? :neutral_face:


I don’t really get it either. I liked it to be polite :smile:

I assumed it was a link to your voice recording, with the matching image above?


Maybe Ema should have left the English text :smiley:

For Clara?!
That changes everything. For her, I’d do anything.


No doesn´t seem so…

So you are the kind of person who awkardly laughs at jokes they don´t get?

:laughing: Okay that makes sense, then.

And maybe I should better keep this, who knows if I ever may need it for a portfolio or something…



I thought you both would have made the connection… for your knowledge of the game, and in the case of Milan, for his knowledge of… italian, too :smile:


Yeah, I told you I speak “Peter Griffin italian” at best.


To me, judging also from his tastes in movies, I’d say that Milan’s knowledge of Italian is pretty much like this…


Yeah, I love foreign movie rip offs like turkish rambo or italian batman. :laughing:


:rofl: Yeah, even if that above is something like an australian parody of italian movies from the seventies and things like that…

Suspenso! :joy:


I’ve watched it!! I’ve laughed soooo much!!!


Also of course “Turkish Star Wars”. I once had a friend over and we watched it we both never laughed so hard at anything for 90 minutes. We were literally in tears and having pains from all the laughter.

“You whistled wrong, instead of women skeletons came!”


I missed it!
Will download get it as soon as possible!

And “Dragon Ball The Magic Begins”?


Don´t think I have seen that one.

Don´t miss out on Turkish Star Wars (aka The Man Who Saves The World) it is legendary! It features badly cropped footage of the original Star Wars movies, Cylons from Battle Star Galactica(?), and sheer endless loop of the “Raiders” Theme, furry monsters and much much more! :joy:


Dragon Ball - The Magic Begins (begin to laugh out loud):



I’ve just watched some minutes… it’s the most awful creative editing I’ve ever seen! :rofl: Yes, that’s the “Raiders” theme… How did you manage to resist for 90 minutes? :laughing:

@Zak I wonder if the kid above was dubbed by Ian Corlett… There’s something in the hair… :wink:


It gets better with the two in the desert. It´s pure madness. The stone punching, all those obvious trampoline jumps, the death of the villain where the film stripe itself was spliced in two to make it look like he was cut in half. So great…


Then maybe you’ll love this (if you haven’t watched yet):


I´ve seen that one actually!