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Offiss (Office) Key missing!

after a break of almost 2 years I continued playing TP and now entered the Factory with Delores. The brown door is closed and after a while I gave up looking in a walkthrough. I need the “offiss key” from Chucks Lab and it’s supposed to be behind the picture, besides the safe. There is no key. In my last savegame (the one from which I continued none of the Charakter has the key. Just for fun I tried a older savegame and look what Delores has in here inventory: The offiss key. For whatever reason the key went missing between savegame used, dropped this key between Savegame 6 hours 0 minutes and 10 hours 17 minutes. I don’t have any savegame in between and can’t for the life of me remember what I did 2 years ago. Can anyone give me hint where I might have “dropped” or “lost” the damn key? I really don’t want to replay from scratch and as far as i know there is no deadlock in TP, right?

Can you post screenshots of each character’s TO-DO list? And perhaps of Delores next to the brown door you’re referring to?

Or maybe post the savegame in question and we can look into it.

Even better, yes!

:joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl: i was just same like you before. I was like calling the hint throne machine almost for 10 times. Because behind of the picture there was nothing!!! But yeah, finally i watched YouTube where they find it and OMG, I should have Increased brightness of my phone display​:joy::joy: so i could find the key was at a bit right side of the behind :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

But in your case if you really lost it… Well…:sweat_smile::key: Here…

This is where I think the key should be.

This the the door in question.

Delores Todo List

Ransom Todo List

Reyes Todo List

Ray Todo List

Final Todo List

Can you send me the Youttube link and maybe the timestamp where the key is discovered?

I called the helpline and was told I already own the key :frowning: I don’t have it in the inventory of any of my characters.

How can I upload a savegame, I found the fiel but I only can upload images here.

I uploaded it on my google drive. Here is the link to the savegame in question:

I dunno- seems like that *beep*ing :ransome: had the offiss key the whole time?
(This is loaded from your savegame)


Thank you!! I don’t know what to say… I (thought) I triple checked every inventory.

Now I can continue (yipieehh!).


It happens! Glad it got sorted out.

Hmm… I think I never used Ransome to get that key, always used Delores.

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